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car addict... one who is obsessed with cars to an elevated state which is borderline unhealthy. Excited to the point of unhealthiness by the love of automobiles.

Auto = car
Psycho = disconnected from reality aka abnormal state of mind
Mania = to be extremely elevated (high), excited to the point of craziness
Chris: "Andrew is an autopsychomania, I've created this new disease just for you"

Some antics include:
a) getting out of his car in the middle of a live lane on the Hwy 401 to dry his soaked intake filter after his car stalled.
b) obsessively washing his car on a weekly basis. Almost daily in winter due to road salt.
c) has given a name to his car, frequently refers to it by name, and has the license plate changed to her name.
by Footman07 July 16, 2009