adj. That which is B.A.M.F. based merely on first impressions, not skills.
Even though the guy was a wimp, his appearence made him Auto-B.A.M.F.
by Khaos D. July 21, 2008
Top Definition
adj.) The quality of that which is awesome, or B.A.M.F., without having to prove itself.
In other words, something or someone that is B.A.M.F. simply based on appearence, body language, voice, or skill that hasn't yet been witnessed.
"Even though the guy lost the fight, his entrance made him Auto-B.A.M.F."

"The man staring at me was an Auto-B.A.M.F. I didn't want to second guess him."
by Khaos D. July 14, 2008
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