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The biggest war since the big one. With two tours involving boomerang shrapnel and kangaroos wired with explosives. Lots of people have not heard about it.
Caller: These kids don't respect veterans, we fought for your freedom! When I came back from the Australian-American War, I didn't get a heroes welcome... I didn't get a pack on the back from my friends and neighbors saying 'thanks for fighting for our freedom James!' After years of fighting in the trenches, I come back here and everyone's watching TV!

Lazlow: Now, can you tell me what this Australian-American war was... I never really heard of it!

Caller: God, not another one! Have you read a history book lately son? The Australian-American war the was the biggest war since the big one! I tell ya, I didn't do two tours and take boomerang shrapnel in my head to come back here and have a bunch of hippies deny our history! Those Aussies are ruthless! They even wired kangaroos with explosives... come hopping in the camp and knock out ten guys!
by Chazizzle October 19, 2010
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