When you kiss that special lady "down under" and "in the bush", you are giving her an Australian kiss.
Eating her pussy is giving her an "Australian kiss".
by DDogbreath October 06, 2009
Top Definition
(also Aussie kiss,) v.t., v.i. Colloquial - similar to a French kiss, but Downunder
Is started getting heavy when he started Australian kissing her.
by Lil 'Laurry June 19, 2004
Giving a girl oral sex. Like a French Kiss, but down under.
My girlfriend always keeps herself nicely shaved... probably cause she likes my Australian Kisses.
by gvillezack August 19, 2007
Better than a French-kiss, and can only be given to women. An Australian-kiss is similar to a French-kiss in that it involves the tongue, but an Australian-kiss is about French-kissing the vagina. ^.^
"If I ever meet a beautiful woman I'm instantly going to Australian-kiss her. ^o^ "
by Dave October 10, 2004
Just like a French kiss...but down unda!
Drew started by French kissing Macy, but soon got frisky and worked his way down to an Australian kiss.
by gbrowne March 01, 2008
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