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(n) A simple but effective method for breaking up with a boyfriend, girlfriend, or spouse.

To perform it, you approach your significant other from behind and give him/her the biggest wedgie you can. Then, kick him/her in the ass once but swiftly. At this point, walk away, and never return your new ex's calls.

Out of logical necessity, same-sex Australian divorce is currently only legal in jurisdictions where same-sex marriage is legal.

The advent of the Australian divorce paved the way for the creation of the atomic Australian divorce.
Guy #1: Janet divorced me.

Guy #2: Oh no! Who's getting the kids?

Guy #1: No, no, we didn't get into all that. Her lawyer advised her to serve me with an Australian divorce, so we wouldn't have to worry about custody.

Guy #3: Janet's single?
by Vooch June 16, 2010
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