A place where Indians and most other Asian people are at risk of being harmed.
Mum: Son, i don't want you to stay out too late ok? This neighbourhood is an Australia

Son: Yes Mum.
by boogieeboogie January 25, 2010
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The Best country on the planet.
For over 40,000 years land lived on by Aboriginals - last 200 fucked over by Europeans.
Great country....but boys/men are shorter here compared to boys/men in America.
"bloody oath you got to love Australia"
"are you a true blue kangaroo" - "a what?" "an Australian silly"
by art world February 20, 2009
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A multicultural country proud and a place you can stand tall and speak your mind (as long as it isn't racist, or suchlike). We appreciate those who work hard and treat others as equals, and there are so many places to see. Australians are pretty relaxed, but there are large cities such as Melbourne of Sydney (for sight seeing) for those used to the city life. There is little racism or sexism in Australia, and those who approve of it are punished.

Australians are proud people. Respectful people. And it leaves a mark, good or bad, on any who visit what I am glad to call home. I would never want to live anywhere else.

We have just as well working facilities (banks, fast food restaurants, etc) as most other places.

Never think you've seen it all; Australia has been around since the Earth was formed, despite being one of the last discovered and colonized countries.

Australia has little snow and HOT summers (up to 40 degrees Celsius), so come prepared! In Queensland, most Summers are hot and humid, but don't let that put you off this wonderful nation!
Australia has amazing an amazing Geological history.

The capital cities all have their own wonders and fantastic memories to bestow upon their visitors.

Please though, everyone has their own rights to an opinion, and forcing yours upon another unwilling person is not what being a free, multicultural nation is about.
by A Proud Aussie August 03, 2012
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Australia is a magnificent, beautifully crafted country located in the Southern Hemisphere, above Antarctica and to the left of New Zealand. It is the largest island in the world and the population is approximately 21 million people.

Australians hold many accomplishments and is recognised by the unique accent that people all around the world overact. But seriously, we may sound like we're too lazy to finish our words and sound out the O's and A's over other letters, but do NOT exaggerate by sounding like a drunk Paul Hogan. That ticks us off a bit. And despite the stories or stupid movie stunts filthy rich American film directors make, we are NOT lazy bastard poofs that sit around in their own sweat drinking XXXX watching Australia thrash the West Indies in cricket. But the last part is true. We're fucking good at cricket.
Oh and no Australian goes fishing in jeans. Just putting it out there. And we dont have anything against NZ, except you got nothing on us when it comes to backyard and beach cricket. Your backyards are full of sheep and your beaches are non existent. And if they are they're probably full of sheep too.
by AussieGurl December 18, 2009
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The best damn country in this world and you all know it.
It is also why we have New Zealanders cry themselves to sleep every night. No u will never become known as part of our great nation.
"give me a home among the gum trees, with lots of plum trees, a dog or two and a barbeque, verandah out the back...." what the hell. too much VB. lost the words.I love u australia.
by cantstopthemusic September 19, 2008
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Once a great country which is now totaly infested with bogans of all kinds, this sad occuracnce was brought on by the local sport known as AFL (AKA an excuse to cheer, get drunk, beat the shit out of people and assult women). due to the popularty of the sport and conformist human nature many people purposely became dummer to try and fit in with all the other morons who belive they are cool. although at first glance australia seems like a pretty cool place (and it is if youre on holiday) in reality it is a giant scum pit overwhelmed by racisim, voilence and just pure hatered. In america people get shot, in australia we were smart enough to ban guns the first time someone went on a rampage so instead people now get stabbed or Knifed. Not all people are bad in australia, just most of them, if you want examples of the good people you really have to look hard these days. if you want an example of the bad try looking in the MW2 online communtiy or every body who thumbs down this defenition.

want an example of how large the bogan population is, try everybody who defenied australia as a good country.
bogan: hey cunt what are looking at?

me(mumble): the reason I hate Australia so much.

bogan: what faggot, you dont like aussie!? well then hop on a boat a get the fuck outta my country!!

me:..... ...words cannot describe your stupidity.....

bogan: shut the fuck up cunt or ill smash ya fucken face in!

me: 3rd best counrty my ass...

bogan: (proceeds to punches me in the face multiple times leaving me on the ground bleeding from the mouth with a brocken nose and a concussion)
by catfish828 October 25, 2010
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