A place where people think they have pet kangaroos that are commonly called "Dave". Also where the phrase "G'day mate" was created. Where thongs are shoes.
G'day mate, I'm just feeding my kangaroo in my shorts & thongs.
Australia is really cool.
by Ninjas.are.cool February 16, 2011
One of the most beautiful countries on the face of this planet! We are some of the most laid back people, give us a can of VB, a meat pie n a footy match and we're set! We love our good old camping trips down to the caravan parks, out the middle of the bush where hardly anyone can pronounce the names of our towns or down swimming in the local river. And if we're not their we're down at the beach for a good old game of Beach cricket!
We are competitive by nature, the basic V8's Ford vs. Holden, Our Footy Collingwood vs. Carlton, everyone knows it and we all love it!
Us Aussie are proud people and don't take no shit from no one! We're TRUE BLUE and that's the way we will always be!

Aussie! Aussie! Aussie! Oi! Oi! Oi! Aussie! Oi! Aussie! Oi! Aussie! Aussie! Aussie! Oi! Oi! Oi!
Australian's do NOT have kangaroos and koalas in our backyards as pets! That's like saying American's go and give their Cougar's a friendly hug and pat on the back, obviously a load of shit!
by Amy Bear January 06, 2008
kickass country, kinda like the canada of the southern hemisphere in the way that we are friendly and have an awsome country all round. we are one of the best nations at sport (if not the best) considering we constantly come 3rd/4th in olympics countries that beat us include america and china yet we have a population of 20m and america has one of 300-400m and china has one of around1.3b. we have a varied landscape (possibly the most in the world) with woodland, coastal, coral, rainforrest, salt lake, gibber and sandy desert and mountain ecosystems depending where in the country u are. is the oldest country on the planet and possibly the most powerful country in the southern hemisphere.
australia is the place to be
by moocow17 July 10, 2005
Simply the best country in the world. Yeah, some of us do live in the country with kangaroos hopping by. Like me. I do. But the majority of us live in beautiful cities by our beautiful beaches that I know you are all jealous of because our beaches rock.

We have a friendly rivalry with New Zealand. Kiwis, we really do love you. You had our backs in WW, (ANZACs all the way!) and we will always have your backs, so if you think we hate you, you're wrong. We secretly love you. But we still flog ass in rugby :P

But you have better accents than us.


Australians are very laid back, friendly, open people that will basically welcome you into their homes if you just go knocking on their doors. But don't do that, they might freak out. Strangers will smile at you and say hello on the streets, especially in Perth. Strangers will wave to you as they drive past in the country. So if you're not accustomed to amazing hot people that wave and smile at you, then don't come to Australia.
Person 1: Who is that hot awesome sexy talented tanned friendly waving person over there?

Person 2: That's an Australian.

Person 1: And who is that hot awesome sexy talented tanned friendly person with the sick accent over there? They're great. But they suck at rugby.

Person 2: That's a Kiwi.
by A Very Happy Fish :) November 02, 2012
1) A country/continent I want to live in.

2) A really crappy movie
1) I want to live in Australia because it's so laid back over there.

2) Hugh Jackman was in the movie Australia, and it bombed at the box office.
by Liberal Girl May 06, 2009
Australia is home to some of the most deadly animals in the world snakes, large salt water crocodiles, deadly spiders, box jellyfish, great white sharks, stingrays, bogans, hoons, wild weather
Australia: True meaning of death
by IGrayfoxI March 22, 2013
A multicultural country proud and a place you can stand tall and speak your mind (as long as it isn't racist, or suchlike). We appreciate those who work hard and treat others as equals, and there are so many places to see. Australians are pretty relaxed, but there are large cities such as Melbourne of Sydney (for sight seeing) for those used to the city life. There is little racism or sexism in Australia, and those who approve of it are punished.

Australians are proud people. Respectful people. And it leaves a mark, good or bad, on any who visit what I am glad to call home. I would never want to live anywhere else.

We have just as well working facilities (banks, fast food restaurants, etc) as most other places.

Never think you've seen it all; Australia has been around since the Earth was formed, despite being one of the last discovered and colonized countries.

Australia has little snow and HOT summers (up to 40 degrees Celsius), so come prepared! In Queensland, most Summers are hot and humid, but don't let that put you off this wonderful nation!
Australia has amazing an amazing Geological history.

The capital cities all have their own wonders and fantastic memories to bestow upon their visitors.

Please though, everyone has their own rights to an opinion, and forcing yours upon another unwilling person is not what being a free, multicultural nation is about.
by A Proud Aussie August 03, 2012

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