The only country in the world you can bag out on international television and will laugh instead of getting insulted and demanding apologies
The Simpsons, Family guy, South Park,
by Nymann October 12, 2008
The oldest continent in the world, it`s also home to the aborigines who have the oldest living culture on earth, so if you want history then this is the place to be! The nation of australia officially began in 1901 and was spawned largely from the 1850s gold rush which attracted a few million settlers to our shores from all over the world. From 1901 to today australia has grown to become one of the most multi-cultural nations in the world.
Australia is the lucky land!
by greendaysoldout August 01, 2006
Australia, or 'Straya', Is the only country in the world where people can go around calling each other cunts. Whether it be friends, family, work mates or randoms. it is considered a greeting and is commonly used. Australians use the word cunt when they are: At the local Footy, Pissed at the local footy, playing a game with the local footy team, At a local BBQ supporting the local footy team or any other team involving sports. Commonly used with a Carlton Draught in Hand. May also be spelt as Kent
Get me another Australian Draught cunt
by CravoxChizzle March 15, 2011
The best country you could live in. Im not just saying that to make Australia look good. It is by far the most amazing place..
Aussie pride mate!
i love australia
by yeahbro February 07, 2009
cool country, very hot, doesnt get snow in most places. was colonised by the english who decided their crappy jails were too small.
the only state that this does not apply to is south australia, which was completely colonised by the middle class, and unlike all other cities, adelaide was actually planned.
we are pretty much very good at sport, our football beat american football... we dont cover ourselves in layer upon layer of protection because we are not fags....
we have the best swimmers and cricketers. and we can even win speed skating by going slow enough to miss out on a major crash....
we get crappy american tv shows, like two years late, and we drive on the other side of the road...
and no, we are not all like steve irwin, we do not say "G'Day" or "Crikey" we do not wear karkies and we really arent that stupid
and we do not eat "shrimp on the barbie"
for one, its PRAWNS not shrimp. for two, we normally dont eat them on the bbq, and for three we call it a barbeque not a "barbie"
a barbie is a doll, nothing more
we do not live in big paddocks in the middle of no where... not most of us, a few do, but most live in the cities on the coast... and we do not have stupid "Aussie" accents, well at least not in SA
over all, australia is awesome
by hippooo April 11, 2008
Australia is the most dangerous country in the world. But it is only when the dim-witted toursits come and go swimming around in ponds then complain when crocs attack them. Stupid toursits. If you don't want to be eaten by crocks, attacked by sharks, stung by bees, eaten by drop bears, stalked by bunyips...then don't go there.
When you visit Australia, and go camping. Don't complain about our Vegemite. We love it. If you don't, don't whinge and whine cause we don't care, get stuffed would probably be the reply you'll get if you complain.
Don't compare us to or mistaken us for kiwis. we ain't no russell crows, and we dont sexually assault sheep.
Don't steal our tim tams. We will chase you.
Ignorant Tourist: G'day mate.
Australian: Dude seriously, no one says that. shut up. Get stuffed. Bugger off.
Ignorant Tourist: Erm...........
Fucking sucks
worst country in the world
Australia steal stuff from NEW ZEALAND cause they all ARABIAN COKE CAN their mothers
by A Kiwi May 21, 2011
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