Happy, down to earth people, very laid back (Perth especially, Sydney not so much, but still laid back compared to the rest of the world), great health care system, gorgeous beaches, nice cities, cute towns. Though those accents you hear in movies are totally over-the-top (e.g. Crocodile Dundee style accents). The accent varies from the East Coast to the West Coast (East Coast accent is stronger). Has the best junk food (i always thought America did til I actually went their), we have WAY more many flavours of potato chips and chocolate is nicer and more flavours. We love our sports, not all of us, but most for sure.

Ok now for the down-side of Australia....it gets hot in summer! 40C (104F) is not uncommon (even higher sometimes, but most Aussies enjoy summer and go to the beach a lot. Most places don't get snow and the places that do the snow isn't as good as overseas snow, the people that live there will probably disagree. We don't have heaps of international movies and entertainment been made here except for Australian productions and tv. We don't have as many free-to-air TV channels, but we have enough so we're not couch potatoes. We get made out to other countries like we're bush weirdos with bad accents, which annoys just about every Aussie I know. No other country can do our accent right, do you how many times me and my family & friends crack up laughing in 'Lost' when people do fake accents (they sound awful!!!), Emily (because she is an Aussie) is the only one who really sounds like us. People also think we're just beach and bush....so not true...we do have big cities with good shopping.

Overall though the upside definetely outweighs the lows. I love it here and would never live anywhere else, though I do love other countries, but Australia is definetely my fave and my home.
Best holiday city: Gold Coast (great shopping, theme parks and nice beaches, quite crowded though)

Best old style city: Melbourne (well no other city looks as old style, good night life there)

Best sightseeing city: Sydney (Sydney harbour and the SH bridge, Opera House, great shopping also)

Best city to live: Perth (Has the best beaches in Australia (though Gold Coasters will claim this), good shopping, prettiest city, good nightlife and relaxed atmosphere)

Best city to see natural beauty: Darwin (though the city is not so nice looking the places surrounding the city are gorgeous, such as springs and tropical settings) Beware of the lakes with crocodiles...

Best city to be bored in: Canberra (well I haven't been there so maybe I shouldn't mock it, but everyone I know who's lived there and moved says how boring it is....but hey my mum liked it)...the Capital of Australia

Best city if you want a city not too big but big enough: Adelaide, a nice city, reasonable size, good shopping.

Ok now that leaves me with just Brisbane and Hobart...
well Hobart let's see....

I can't really say what to give both of them as I've only drivin through Brisbane and I've never been to Hobart....but I'm sure they're both nice

by JeJay November 23, 2005
Australia...Well First Off, Our Koalas Aren't Bears!! They're Called Koalas, Not Koala Bears!! Kangaroos Do NOT Hop Down All The Streets!! We DO Go To Normal Schools. And For Gods Sake, We Aren't All Steve Irwin, We Don't Wrestle Crocs All Day. We Barely Even Talk Like He Does.
I Come From A Land Down Under. A.K.A. Australia.
by Emochild. April 02, 2006
Australia. A place I love and adore. And miss a great deal after having been away from my great country for almost 3 years. I live in Seattle, USA, and can see the contrast between this country and my own: Australians are the most relaxed, laid back people in the world. Nothing phases an Australian and there are times I wish Americans would take a deep breath and relax, and perhaps realize being friendly will get you so much more in life than being selfish. Granted, Johnnie Howard seems to play the game of "Bush Says" a little too often, but there's not the sense of paranoia that exists here. Having grown up in Australia too, I live for the beach and summer. Give me 40C days, I'm in heaven. And of course... Vegemite toast, my favourite food.
Australia: sunshine, the beach, my home.
by MovingOn November 20, 2005
the greatest country in the world. kick ass in sport, hot guys and girls, great shopping, life is laid back and basically quite peacefull. kinda like america without all the driveby shootings, cheerleaders, abercrombie and dunkin donuts. home to the hottest people in the world as we r the most multicultural nation with every race on the planet. so basically alot of people r mixed up and therefore very exotic looking. also thanks to the sun, everyones skin goes 1 to 2 shades darker and their hair goes 1 to 2 shades lighter.
no we do not catch kangaroos to work and school, koalas and wallabys r not in our backyards either. just like u dont see bald eagles on ure front porch. home to hot mixed people, and kickass sports! australia rox!
by aussie and proud of it! April 17, 2006
A mostly great and beautiful land of generally intelligent people who are not racist. As has already been stated, Australians have a friendly rivalry going with New Zealand. However, despite the sheep jokes the "fish and chips" bit there is a fondness for New Zealand behind it all. Despite Australia's image being "tarnished" recently, Australia will be able to hold her head high when little Johnny retires. The problem is, however, there is no alternative government to vote for.

Despite sentiments to the contrary, Australian society as a whole is not that racist. Hell, there are so many cultures living in Australia aren't there, you are bound to have a few tensions from time to time. I think it is important that people realise only a minority of Australians are racist thugs. The rest, are great people.
Australia is not perfect but then, where is?
by Paul Ward July 22, 2006
A kickass country/continent in the south pacific. Population of about twenty million. Has been lived on for many thousands of years. First by aboriginal people until the British arrived in the late 1700's and used the land for convict settlement BUT is now one of the most satisfied countries on earth and many many people come from all over the world to see its well known monuments, culture and people.
DUDE lets go to Australia this summer!
by Miep August 22, 2006
The worst country ever. And I'm from Australia. You know it's shit because all you hear is dickheads saying "Australia is the best because we're laid back and like the 'footy'". Australia isn't laid back at all and society focuses it's attention on being within the top 5 most obese countries and also, cutting anyone down who has ambitions. The entertainment industry is laughable and anyone pursuing a career (I mean real career like being a musician or game designer not some shitty job like 'accounting') will have to leave this country to get any success. If you walk out on the street wearing cool clothes people give you odd looks for not being shit like them. This place is just another 9-5 fatass loser place with ugly slut women. NOTHING HAPPENS IN THIS COUNTRY! THE ONLY ONES SAYING IT ROCKS ARE LOSERS WHO DON'T HAVE ANY ASPIRATIONS AT ALL!

Not only this, but australia has this thing where they remove anything awesome. i call it the AUSTRALIA'S CAMPAIGN ON ANYTHING GOOD. First they removed pop tarts because they were too awesome, then skittles but skittles returned. then they got rid of gummi worms then they started pulling bullshit like taking away my favourite beer from pubs and then when movies came out the best movies they'd only show in unknown random cinemas in the middle of nowhere. whenever i buy something like food and start to enjoy it a few weeks later they get rid of it. NO ONE NOTICES THIS SHIT. IN FACT, ANY AUSTRALIAN WON'T NOTICE HOW SHIT EVERYTHING IS.

what would you want to come here for? well we have the biggest rock in the world...oh well we have the beach? oh wait so does every other country.
tim says "i'm qualified to do this awesome job"
employer "well i'm going to have to hire someone worse than you because your too awesome. this is australia mate, we don't welcome kickass shit"
by jekkun December 17, 2007
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