Australia is a nation that takes pride in beating other countries in sport, when in fact these other countries are 10 times smaller than them. Australians are also extremely racist. The native people, the Aboriginals, are considered stupid and permanetly drunk. Yet they are happy to have aboriginal people in thier sports teams, because of course they make an exception for that. Also it was the whities who first bought alcohol to australia, and gave to the aboriginies. Australia also suck up to larger and far more important to them, eg. USA. They think they are as important as the USA, and like to think that thier prime minister and George Bush make united decisions. Many people believe that New Zealand is part of Australia. BUt it is infact a whole sea away.
America: Come here, come on puppy, now sit, stay, attack iraq with us!

Australia: *puff* *puff* *nods head*

America: Good boy!

Australia and New Zealand (they're neighbours)

australia (yelling across tasman sea): we are so much fuckn better than you, in fact we are seex times better!

New Zealand: america's calling you, better go do what they say!

australia: sheet, really? *runs off*
by kiwigirl September 19, 2006
Variant spelling for 'fly-ridden, hot shithole'
Oh hell, this is just like Australia!
Tourism in Australia is going from nowhere to nowhere with fuck all in between.
by shonny March 03, 2007
The ULTIMATE place to live, no arrogant wanks who walk around with so much bling bling they fuking break their neck. We are the best at cricket, tennis and rugby and america sucks ass compared to us.We don't have stupid sports like grid-iron full of pussies with a ridiculous amount of protection. We dont have incredibley rich and a huge amount of homeless in the same vicinity eg. New York... and we don't have friggin guns poking out of our pants. Australia is best...
Australia is best
we dont have a population full of dooschbags who would elect george bush as president and arnie for governor (ie America)
(except matt stone and trey parker who are gods)
by P.Goldie June 02, 2005
a country in the southern hemisphere thats built on the slaughter of the original inhabitants and prides itself on that fact. they worship a foreign monarch in england and use dollars as currency so a bit like canada, but 20 times more boring with twice as many assholes. the women are all skinny with big teeth and the blokes all have skin cancer. it has a thriving television industry with "neighbours" and "home and away" being two of their biggest exports enjoyed by many an old folk and prison inmate.they claim to be good drinkers, but basing your drinking standards by the english isn't a good yard stick. sportswise they have a good rugby team and a swimmer with big feet but they stink at football.and the worlds most famous "good aussie bloke" russel crowe is in fact a kiwi
in australia they hate immigrants.
by da origanal playa May 18, 2006

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