See America] junior. Aussie aussie aussie. What can I say? Countries like the UK, USA, Canada and all of Western Europe kick your sorry (a)sses.
Australia] is basically a carbon copy of Amerikkka.
by OZZI!!! June 21, 2005
Best fucking country in the world.. all you other fuckers better not diss it, and as for the ones that live in this country (immigrants etc), if you like to tease aussies and diss the country you live in (Oz), well how about you fags FUCK OFF AND GO BACK TO YOUR OWN SHITTY RUN DOWN POOR COUNTRY.
Leb: Fucking Aussie cunt
Aussie: fuck you, you greasy bastard
Leb: I'll call my cousins
Aussie: Go back to the fucking hole you crawled out of (Lebannon)
*** Ozzie smashes the shit out of the leb and the leb cries***
Aussie: Australia, the only bad thing is grease.
by woohadwvfwevfke November 14, 2005
Australia a country that doesn't except another race or religion. Keeping it "White Austalia", excluding the Aboriginals.
Cronulla Riots....enough said

"If you hate it, leave Australia"
by Maori Bro April 24, 2008
great place but has shit arse weather
tred- fuk im gonna have 2 sell more stok bloody australian weather
dod- yer its either drought, windy, freezing or boilin hot
by taetard March 09, 2007
good place with bad people. they think they are the best at everything, very dumb and very proud.

they think they are the best at sport: soccer(they fluked into the world cup), basketball(they import rejected players from america), afl(the most ripped off sport EVER), rugby league(no one care bout league), rugby union(they only won once, NZL can rape them), swimming(no one cares bout swimming cuz we realize we are land animals), and finally(drums) cricket!(there good but most of the world only know it as a insect and only india likes it)

they say that they hate USA but they copy everything off them(including their style), they try to be "kool" and say "yo yo yo yipi yo bro" or "fully sick bro". they love eminem and his style(which only white people think is gangsta). they copy americas songs and always have the same chart psoitions. they also copy american shows like, australias got talent, australian idol, australias funniest home vids, and about another "every show is ripped off from usa" the only one they made is that crap dancing wit the stars.

they all have IQs of -3 to -1 and all the smart people are asians living in aus. they are dumb cuz their grandpas and grandpas are all convicts(prisoners). they try to make fun of america's dumbness and only make fun of the absolute dumbest people in usa. they try to hide their retardedness but they all know it deep inside their small brains.

they are the most racist people in the world. always make fun of lebs and asians after they get bashed by them. especially in the bars where anyone who is white and have low IQs get gang bashed like 30 people on 1 person.

they are so proud of themselves. finding a drunk at 9pm is like finding a person at 9pm. they think aus is the best country in the world cuz they only compare themselves to countries like nigeria, iraq and other poor countries. australia loves to brag about their success with other low, weak and poor countries, they never say anything about a loss except when they lose against the best. other than that they always find excuses(cough...hewit, socceroos).

this is a great land(white skies, green lands and blue seas) filled wit bad people. they are always up themselves and avoid or find excuses for anything that is better than them.

now asian respecter kevin rudd is on and he will help china conquer australia
Drunk Australian: "ozzy, ozzy, ozzy, oi, oi, oi!!!"
Person: "???"
Drunk Australian: "ooooooooiii!! shad ap u azn!!hhahah!ahaha!"

2 minutes later

Australian ends up in ambulance.
by Kevin Howard December 03, 2007
A country/island that wishes Hummers were sold here. They would have a good use over here, we have the terrain that they could drive on, unlike the US, they use it for city driving, but in a way thats fun because if you have roadrage, its good to be in such a tough vehicle.
Australia needs more hummers
by Capagotks April 17, 2006
Australia used to be New Zealand's western island. But the brits needed a place to stash convicts. Being generous, New Zealand gave them the island.

50 years pass, and the convicts breed and learn simple table manners. The other half of the country is made up of abused aboriginals, whose only joy in life is to buy a litre of petrol and sniff it around the corner of the petrol station.

The country is mostly desert, with a couple of hick farms spread around.

The animals have pouches (what the fuck is the point in a pouch anyway?).

Abo #1: Let's buy some petrol MOOOIIITTE!!

Abo #2: No money, let's just siphon it.

Abo #1: Gud idea mens, hu hu hu.

<They siphon petrol and proceed to sniff until they are high>

<Riot police come and beat them to death>

Riot policeman: Haha, our australia you fuckers!
by Jay Sea October 14, 2006

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