A Complete shithole, full of redneck-jock-ignoramus-shithead-morons who have no desire for even the most basic levels of intellegence. I know, i live here. URGH!!!
Me: Kevin Rudd And Brendan nelson Are both conservative shitheads who whitewash us with capitalist lies.

Average Australian: Politics Are for faggets, and Oz Is Da Best. Oi Oi Oi. I hate people who are different from me and my white-middle class existance.

Me: Go die you ignorant Homophobe-Racist-sexist-nationalist mega-xenophobe douche
#nationalist #fuckhead #racists #moron #shithouse #capitalist #hole
A country that loves New Zealand. Seriously. As opposed to this idea that many Aussies hate New Zealand well let's just say that a couple of years ago a certain young woman went to Bali for a holiday and what a fine time she's having too. (*not*) Leave it at that shall we? Obviously the inverse doesn't apply if the two nations are co-operating with each other in Solomons Tonga, Timor.. And two seperate countries they will remain. A majority of people in either nation weren't too keen on the idea in 1901 and aren't now. So if that lass with the sheep up her arse could try and realise that things would be good.
Underneath the squabbling Australia and New Zealand really do love each other.
#bali #seperate #squabbling #lass #sheep
by Paul Ward November 18, 2006
Known on the show "Starter Wife" they call Australia the vagina. If you don't believe me, watch the show.
Guy: Wanna get down an' dirty?
Girl: Excuse me, my Australia is closed for the season.
#vagina #penis #starter wife #dirty #boom
by Screamo_Poptart August 15, 2007
See America] junior. Aussie aussie aussie. What can I say? Countries like the UK, USA, Canada and all of Western Europe kick your sorry (a)sses.
Australia] is basically a carbon copy of Amerikkka.
by OZZI!!! June 21, 2005
Best fucking country in the world.. all you other fuckers better not diss it, and as for the ones that live in this country (immigrants etc), if you like to tease aussies and diss the country you live in (Oz), well how about you fags FUCK OFF AND GO BACK TO YOUR OWN SHITTY RUN DOWN POOR COUNTRY.
Leb: Fucking Aussie cunt
Aussie: fuck you, you greasy bastard
Leb: I'll call my cousins
Aussie: Go back to the fucking hole you crawled out of (Lebannon)
*** Ozzie smashes the shit out of the leb and the leb cries***
Aussie: Australia, the only bad thing is grease.
#aussie #leb #oz #ozzy #hate #anger #australia
by woohadwvfwevfke November 14, 2005
Australia a country that doesn't except another race or religion. Keeping it "White Austalia", excluding the Aboriginals.
Cronulla Riots....enough said

"If you hate it, leave Australia"
#white australia #aussie #aboriginal #cronulla #australia
by Maori Bro April 24, 2008
great place but has shit arse weather
tred- fuk im gonna have 2 sell more stok bloody australian weather
dod- yer its either drought, windy, freezing or boilin hot
#weather #freezing #hot #boilin #drought
by taetard March 09, 2007
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