A country whose economic and political growth has been unspeakably retarded due to an unfortunate dispute among geographers as to whether it is a continent or an island.
Australia is not seen as a strong country.
by Ramone Wyman September 15, 2008
A country that is now the fattest country in the world. The United States is not.
I thought people from Australia were hot, but apparently they are fat.
by chaseflannagan July 10, 2008
The newest name for female genitals, or the region "down under".
"I hear her Australia looks like a lotus flower."
by Dave and Bruce June 19, 2008
best country at everything, hottest chicks, good surfing, good at sports, good at making movies eg "saw"(FUCK ALL OF YOU HOLLYWOOD PRICKS)good actors (apollogies for Russel Crowe)
for the record, its AUSSIE, AUSSIE, AUSSIE.. not OZZY nor OSSY..
"woah man, did u see that movie saw?!"
"yeah man i was watching in between punching your grandma in the ovaries and rocking out to john farnem"
Amazingly this country is not just desert, convicts and kangaroos.

Australia is an ultimately normal place that enjoys the good things in life.

Extreme sports, sports, watching aerobics on telly, beer, sex, fine dining, beach, babes and bongs.

We don't like, poms that whinge, loud mouth Americans, Pauline Hanson, Red Necks, George Bush, Home & Away, Tasmania, Steve Irwin or his dickhead wife.

We are friendly, multiculural and drunk. You don't like it, then get out of the way of my ute.
Australia is one of the only places where people visit just to meet the people that live their

Are their English people that don't whinge?

Are their quiet mouth Americans?
by Eirike May 11, 2005
A large country with a small population of people who cannot speak in normal terms and insist that "Australian" is an official language and despise those who can't speak it. The population consists majorly of South Africans and the rest are all "ship people". The real Australians, the Aboriginals, have been sent into exile by the government whom are too busy deciding on the extension of shopping hours.
"Ag, ja, Australia is taking all our brains man"
Spoken by a true South African

There are no positive examples of the word
by An anti-Australian Australian August 18, 2009
The only country in the world than can safely say that they're better than America, without some way for an American to refute them with the good ol', "Well considering your history, we're fucking angels."
Australia kicks your ass till shit is spewed out your dick.
by AragornElessar August 29, 2008
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