A large country with a small population of people who cannot speak in normal terms and insist that "Australian" is an official language and despise those who can't speak it. The population consists majorly of South Africans and the rest are all "ship people". The real Australians, the Aboriginals, have been sent into exile by the government whom are too busy deciding on the extension of shopping hours.
"Ag, ja, Australia is taking all our brains man"
Spoken by a true South African

There are no positive examples of the word
by An anti-Australian Australian August 18, 2009
The newest name for female genitals, or the region "down under".
"I hear her Australia looks like a lotus flower."
by Dave and Bruce June 19, 2008
A country that is now the fattest country in the world. The United States is not.
I thought people from Australia were hot, but apparently they are fat.
by chaseflannagan July 10, 2008
The only country in the world than can safely say that they're better than America, without some way for an American to refute them with the good ol', "Well considering your history, we're fucking angels."
Australia kicks your ass till shit is spewed out your dick.
by AragornElessar August 29, 2008
A country which may speak retarded English, yet doesn't allow a man who can't read nor speak fluent english to become President.
"ich bin ein berliner"
by Crocodile Dundee June 04, 2005
The correct name for the element Au. The properties of this fine element are numerous. First, there are no electrons. Rather, the elements 15 neutrons circle around the nucleus. Also, this is the only element on the Periodic Table to have complete sexes. That's right, there are both male and female varieties of these atoms. Note: While they are mostly similar, once or month or so, the female australium do act strangely

But perhaps the most peculiar thing about this element is its atomic weight. -4.pi

Truly, an amazing element to behold
Damn, that Australium messes you up.

No duh, its atomic weight is -4.pi. What did you expect?
by The one the only J-man May 04, 2005
A large, diverse country that culturally is like the UK & America in the 1950's.
A mostly anti intellectual, lazy, vacuous, boozy white population & overly sport obsessed. Sore losers, which is odd because most of its heroes are losers - The ANZACS at Gallipoli, Ned Kelly, Shane Warne.

A high standard of living due mostly to mining - selling iron ore to China which we buy back as cheap junk, thereby burying our own industry.

It has conveniently forgotten most of its ugly history, its Treatment of Aborigines Convicts White Australia Policy.
Australia has an entrenched inferiority complex means it has kowtowed to the UK & now America to defend it & do its thinking for it.
Not a very friendly place as some say, unless you like beer, tits, sport, can't spell & practice self abasement. Suspicious of people with big ideas.
Will turn into more of a gulag as political correctness competes with its racism. A sad place when you get thinking about it.
by Nazarine 59 April 22, 2011

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