Simply the best country in the world. Yeah, some of us do live in the country with kangaroos hopping by. Like me. I do. But the majority of us live in beautiful cities by our beautiful beaches that I know you are all jealous of because our beaches rock.

We have a friendly rivalry with New Zealand. Kiwis, we really do love you. You had our backs in WW, (ANZACs all the way!) and we will always have your backs, so if you think we hate you, you're wrong. We secretly love you. But we still flog ass in rugby :P

But you have better accents than us.


Australians are very laid back, friendly, open people that will basically welcome you into their homes if you just go knocking on their doors. But don't do that, they might freak out. Strangers will smile at you and say hello on the streets, especially in Perth. Strangers will wave to you as they drive past in the country. So if you're not accustomed to amazing hot people that wave and smile at you, then don't come to Australia.
Person 1: Who is that hot awesome sexy talented tanned friendly waving person over there?

Person 2: That's an Australian.

Person 1: And who is that hot awesome sexy talented tanned friendly person with the sick accent over there? They're great. But they suck at rugby.

Person 2: That's a Kiwi.
by A Very Happy Fish :) November 02, 2012
The best country in the world no matter what is said. Yes, our ancestors were convicts, yes we love our beer, and yes we may be conceited about how bloody good we are at sport, but you can't say any other patriotic mofo out there doesnt think that their country is the best. No we do have the best military in the world, the SAS, best trained and most successful fighting force known to man. We may not have the numbers but we can kick ass. We are not woman hitters, you may think we are sexest but the females over here got their rights before most other countries and like the aussie males. Doesn't every country have its criminals? its shamers? its racists? People say we have no culture, every single culture there is adds bits of it into our massive mix. If we didnt accept other cultures there would always be racial violence and demonstrations but we have barely any of that at all, if any. You don't see no KKK down here. And no, the US is not the hottest country, sorry, no offence and all but you have the largest obesity rate and to put it nicely, you's look funny. And plz don't say our accent is bad, becoz every foreign person i know, loves our accent the way we talk, and people are always commenting on our looks. And any slang we make up to annoy other races etc is purely friendly and jokingly, we don't mean it for sure but if people are as offended so easily that they cant detect sarcasm then they should come out here for a week.And sorry, but basketball baseball and gridiron arent sports.
Be our friend, not our enemy, coz we are too far down on the map to care.
G'day mate, i don't care what race you come from sit down here with me and lets have a beer.

P.S The poms drink fosters not us, Australia drinks from a glass bottle =D
by Tiaha August 20, 2006
A beautiful land that doesn't masquerade as a Commonwealth country it is one. There are pockets of racism, xenophobia and whatnot, but there a lot of positives and these should be celebrated. I know someone from there who thought it was crap and then he spent a year in Europe well actually the main purpose of his trip was to be an airport bum checking out the airports over there, and let's just say he didn't think so after that.
Australia rocks. It's airports rock too.
by Paul Ward October 24, 2006
Australia is an awesome country with great sports and nice people. Alot of people in australia are racist (like my entire fucking family) but the good australians are accepting and probably ashamed to live in a country that has earned such a name. Americans can be racist too.
Not everyone here likes country towns, sport and beaches and we do not have kangaroos hopping around in our streets.
Chat room:
Australian: Ugh, another kangaroo just hopped past my window.
American: Wow! I hear that happens all the time over there.
Australian: Dipshit.
by Look a kangaroo June 10, 2006
A big island off the coast of New Zealand. Legend has it that kangaroos were the first to inhabit this island, before Captain Cook discovered it. Cook drove the kangaroos away, and it is said in ancient texts that they are planning their return and will soon reclaim this land for their own. It is recommended to walk around with full body armour at all times, as the riots of the underground leaders, of the kangaroo militia are getting even more un-predictable and dangerous.
We made this all up Australia.
by bloodnut April 29, 2006
A very beautiful country, home to the great barrier reef, Kangaroos, Sydney, and a good football (soccer) team. I don't get why you hate us yanks, for the most part we admire Australia and it is portrayed as an exotic and thriving island/continent in our media.
Australia is very beautiful and unique, don't judge us yanks from what you hear on TV, we are actually for the most part nice and intelligent also.
by Jersey Kid January 26, 2008
One of the most beutiful countries in the world with low crime rate and very few racists.

We are one of the best countries at sport (try beat us at Cricket or Rugby)

We have some of he best doctors in the world and are one of the most medically advanced countries.

New Zeland you can have Russel Crowe back but clear all the phones out of the way first. We don't hate kiwis we think the sound funny because they say "Fesh and cheps" for fish and chips and "sex" for six but we don't hate them they are Australia Jr.

We do not sound anything like Steve Irwin and we don't have excess amounts of Kangaroos, Koalas, wombats etc.

Our government is a constitutional monarchy.
Our Prime Minister is John howard he is better than the only other alternative (Kim Beasley) so until the other parties put up a good candidate we're keeping Howard.

Canberra is the nation's capital and it's beutiful city with lots of flora, all the convinence of the city without the negatives.

Hobart is in Tasmania and that's where our Cadbury factory is apart from that no one cares about Tassie.

Sydney has the best sites such as the sydney harbour bridge and the opera house. A great City.

Melbourne is where neighbours is filmed and is a bit of a scum whole but it does have some great things too.

Perth, the worst city in Australia they think they are better than everyone else.

Brisbane is our sunny city up in beutiful Queensland (who suck at state of orgin)

Adelaide I havn't been there but I suppose it's ok.
by Brad J July 10, 2006
The continent which provides the best defense from the rest of the world in the the board game, "Risk". Controlling this continent provides the owner with two extra armies at the beginning of his/her turn. This strategy is also called the "stoner strategy", because some players chill in the corner of the world building up their massive, ass-reaming army until they decisively unleash it upon an unsuspecting world. Australia is best defended by placing all armies in the country, "Siam" which is the only entrance to the continent.
Dude, you just took Australia. You asshole.
by fuegofuego December 25, 2009
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