good place with bad people. they think they are the best at everything, very dumb and very proud.

they think they are the best at sport: soccer(they fluked into the world cup), basketball(they import rejected players from america), afl(the most ripped off sport EVER), rugby league(no one care bout league), rugby union(they only won once, NZL can rape them), swimming(no one cares bout swimming cuz we realize we are land animals), and finally(drums) cricket!(there good but most of the world only know it as a insect and only india likes it)

they say that they hate USA but they copy everything off them(including their style), they try to be "kool" and say "yo yo yo yipi yo bro" or "fully sick bro". they love eminem and his style(which only white people think is gangsta). they copy americas songs and always have the same chart psoitions. they also copy american shows like, australias got talent, australian idol, australias funniest home vids, and about another "every show is ripped off from usa" the only one they made is that crap dancing wit the stars.

they all have IQs of -3 to -1 and all the smart people are asians living in aus. they are dumb cuz their grandpas and grandpas are all convicts(prisoners). they try to make fun of america's dumbness and only make fun of the absolute dumbest people in usa. they try to hide their retardedness but they all know it deep inside their small brains.

they are the most racist people in the world. always make fun of lebs and asians after they get bashed by them. especially in the bars where anyone who is white and have low IQs get gang bashed like 30 people on 1 person.

they are so proud of themselves. finding a drunk at 9pm is like finding a person at 9pm. they think aus is the best country in the world cuz they only compare themselves to countries like nigeria, iraq and other poor countries. australia loves to brag about their success with other low, weak and poor countries, they never say anything about a loss except when they lose against the best. other than that they always find excuses(cough...hewit, socceroos).

this is a great land(white skies, green lands and blue seas) filled wit bad people. they are always up themselves and avoid or find excuses for anything that is better than them.

now asian respecter kevin rudd is on and he will help china conquer australia
Drunk Australian: "ozzy, ozzy, ozzy, oi, oi, oi!!!"
Person: "???"
Drunk Australian: "ooooooooiii!! shad ap u azn!!hhahah!ahaha!"

2 minutes later

Australian ends up in ambulance.
by Kevin Howard December 03, 2007
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The best fuckin' country in the world, Australia, is also the only place where Christ could never have been born, as in Australia, you cannot find 3 wisemen and a virgin.
Ozzy! Ozzy! Ozzy! Oi! Oi! Oi!

Ozzy! = Australia!
by seedy March 22, 2003
officially the greatest country in the world, and yes we can wear that title because we`re all the way down here so what the hell are you gonna do about it!?
yep australia is godzone
by returnfrom86 August 09, 2005
Australia is a country situated in between the Indian and Pacific Ocean in the Southern Hemisphere. Australia is the 6th largest country by land in the world, with a range of different climates from Dry deserts to Rainforests to Grasslands to Mountains. Australia was previously inhabited by Aboriginies and Torres Strait Islanders before it was overtaken by the British and made a colony. Most of Australia's Population live in Large Cities on it's coast, but is proud of it's small country towns and their culture. Officially voted the 3rd best Country in the world overall by the United Nations (after Sweden and Norway) Australia is just a great place.
"I live in Australia
by Bez February 26, 2005
Ahhh....Australia. The Great Southern Land, Down Under, Terra Australis, Oz, The Better Version of New Zealand...
The world's biggest island and smallest continent, with the world's highest amount of sporting success per capita. Dryest inhabitated continent and the only country to occupy a whole continent. Sixth largest country in the world and the third least densely populated. The national occupations are drinking and sport, unsurprising given we're all descended from convicts.
Pom/Kiwi/Yank/Frog/pretty much anyother nationality: "Damn those Australians, they've beaten our cricket/football/swimming/hockey/most other sports under the sun team for the 456th time!"
by itsmadeline September 16, 2005
one of the best country's on earth
* a country that has the highest standards of living
* stable and growing economy
* smart educated people
* nice land, especially the beachs here
* not a power ego war starting country
by Dert August 19, 2005
best mother fucking country in the world. any mofos who think any different can burn in hell for all i care. best at most sports ( not including them american "sports" like baseball and poofball (oh wait gridiron)) we'll kick ur ass at cricket, AFL (best form of football on this earth) swimming (not a real sport) etc. we'll out drink you any day. our laid back attitude kicks ass. our military is one of the best trained in the world. dont judge us by our dickhead Politicians cause well all politicians are dickheads. any wayz Australia kicks ass FULLSTOP.
best country in the world
by 35acu 4 life August 26, 2005
australia is a great country with a diverse culture. good friendly people, good at almost every sport and one of the highest standards of living. nothing like america where they dont even have a proper health system.
australia spends thier money on important things like; education, health and employment where as america spends most of thier money on the military.

america is not such a great counrty.
by Weepin August 19, 2005

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