A beautiful land that doesn't masquerade as a Commonwealth country it is one. There are pockets of racism, xenophobia and whatnot, but there a lot of positives and these should be celebrated. I know someone from there who thought it was crap and then he spent a year in Europe well actually the main purpose of his trip was to be an airport bum checking out the airports over there, and let's just say he didn't think so after that.
Australia rocks. It's airports rock too.
by Paul Ward October 24, 2006
The Best country on the planet.
For over 40,000 years land lived on by Aboriginals - last 200 fucked over by Europeans.
Great country....but boys/men are shorter here compared to boys/men in America.
"bloody oath you got to love Australia"
"are you a true blue kangaroo" - "a what?" "an Australian silly"
by art world February 20, 2009
the country where you can retire after hitting the lottery, buying a boat, plane, a pimp jazzy, and letting carolyn do all your planning, and you can kick back and party every single day while you live forever
I am going to go to Turkey Hill, buy lottery tickets and a slushie, and after winning the lottery buy a plane and a boat, pimp out a jazzy, let carolyn do all my planning, move to australia, and party until forever because I will never die.
by gertrude eugene mildred September 03, 2008
Home of kangaroos!
where live the kangaroos? in Australia ...
by Sakebi January 09, 2015
A nation in the southern hemisphere. Australia is full of racists and homophobes. Australians are less intelligent than any other people on Earth. The national hairstyle of Australia is the 'Mullet' for men and the 'Suzi Quatro' for women. Australians pride themselves on getting drunk and being ignorant to world issues. Australia tries hard to be the USA. It's embarrassing.
OMG! Look, a redneck with a mullet. Maybe they come from Australia.

That girls has teeth missing, scabby skin and 3 kids and she's not even 20 years old yet. She must be an Australian.

I have no self-esteem anymore. I might as well move to Australia.
by oztrayleah September 11, 2012
Oz! The end of the yellow brick road! Down Under, where the temperatures (at least in my area) get up to 50C (122F).

Some stereotypes that need to be cleared up:
No, there are no kangaroos in the cities. Not even Perth.

We do not talk like Crocodile Dundee.
We don't wear khaki. At least, not the sane people.

We don't drink beer all day, unless we're drunks. Which we're not. At least not the majority of us.

We don't ride kangaroos. That is physically impossible. Think about it.

Koalas are not bears. Full stop.

Good things about Aus:
In Perth at least (no I don't live here, but I do some of the time), people are so friendly you can literally walk up to a random's door and they don't run inside and call the police.

We have some pretty cool history.
The weather is warm, even in winter (in WA anyway)
It snows, but not in all areas, and not all the time. So if you want to go skiing or whatever, go to Canberra or something.

The beaches are dazzling, deadly and just damn awesome.

We are the best country in the world. Sorry guys. Just be jealous and deal with it.
We have forests, deserts, beaches, mountains, snow, and just everything.

Fremantle Prison rocks.

Bad things:
Julia Gillard.

Asians are slowly taking over.
Random from random country: Wow, what's that dazzling glow on the horizon, with a yellow brick road leading to it, and fat healthy kangaroos bouncing around nearby?
Us: That's Australia.
by Proud Aussie May 25, 2012
A whole country that is almost as big as China and America but has less people in it than the US state of Texas.
Why is Australia so underpopulated??
by Kongamuse September 09, 2011
best country in the world, mate.
John: Want to go to Canada?
Jim: Fuck no, let's go to Australia. It's much better, especially the girls.
by Cliff R March 10, 2011

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