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North of the Southern Ocean, and situated between the Indian and Pacific Oceans, Australia is the world's smallest continent and largest island.

Isolated from other countries, we have a diverse variety of fauna and wildlife that can be found nowhere else in the world. Our unique array of animals (koalas, penguins and kangaroos in particular) attract hundreds of thousands of tourists every year, as do our brilliant beaches, our stunning mountain ranges, crystalline blue waters and harsh beauty of the Australian outback. (Outback = desert for all you uneducated cretins).

We have the world's largest coral reef (the Great Barrier Reef), the world's largest monolith (Uluru, formerly known as Ayre's Rock), and we have the world's largest Uranium depostis, as well as major deposits of copper, iron, coal, oil and natural gas.

Yes, we have an accent, though compared to what you hear on movies such as Crocodile Dundee, our accents are definitely not that strong. The Eastern accent is stronger than the accent of Aussies that live on the West Coast.

Our weather is awesome. Winter isn't too cold (unless you're one of the unfortunate people to be living in Tasmania) in winter, and summer always promises hot sun. Sometimes too hot, regularly reaching temperatures of 40 Celcius and above.

Our athletes are among the best in the world. We continuously kick the arses of countries such as America, England, China, Japan in sports such as swimming, cricket football, hockey & netball.

Australia also has some of the world's best medical research facilities. We're in the process of creating a vaccine for several cancers, including prostate, breat, ovarian and cervical cancers.

We have the highest standard of living in the world. With one of the lowest population densities in the world today.

Our government, whilst highly criticized, has managed to keep us safe from terrorism, warfare and other modern problems. Our government invests money in health care, education, infrastructure and the general comfort and weelbeing of our people rather than blowing the budget on an over-sized military.

Speaking of military, we have the world's best trained troops. Our soldiers of the SAS undergo the most rigorous training of any troops in any country, and regardless of what the yanks may say, we do put in an amazing effort in wars in the Middle East and around the world.

We're generally not arrogant, cocky or invasive, though we tend to be loud, boisterous and easy to get along with. Most Aussies love a good party, and sure know how to chug down the booze.

We have the most venomous animals in the world, both on land, and in water. And unless we live in the rural areas, no, we do NOT have kangaroos bouncing around our streets. We don't keep kangaroos as pets, and we don't ride around in their pouches. They do however, taste quite good on the BBQ.
We are equally, if not more civilized than the US, being more laid back in our approaches to almost every situation.

Australia is also one of the world's most multi-cultural countries in the world. The suburb of Dandenong in Victoria is the only suburb in the world to contain a person from every nationality residing within its boundaries. We're a tolerant people, and while we've been labelled as racist, well, we can't be that bad considering as how we've got all the races living here. Besides, racism is a central part of our cultural humour. We definitely don't go down the street calling people 'nigger', 'towel-head' or 'curry-muncher', but racism is used as a form of affection in friendship groups.

We call our asian friends "Asian", "nip", "wingnut", our Indian pals "curry-puff" or just "curry", or our white mates "skips". In Australia, we're not overly offended at jokes about our race, and as long as you mean the joke as a joke, and not as some hidden slur against us, then we won't take a 2-by-4 and apply it to the back of your skull.

Yeah, we also have our share of negatives in Australia, but our positives outweigh the negatives by a long shot.

It pisses me off when other countries bag Australia. What the fuck would they know? Yeah, American might be the most powerful country in the world, but at least in the land down under we're safe from terrorist attacks. Our government isn't a supremicist entity that aims to control every other damn country (or at least the ones with valuable oil supplies). Some would label Australia as being lazy, but we just keep our noses out of other countries business.

Don't bag us before you come and see what an amazing country we are. I over-used the word 'amazing', didn't I...

In conclusion-- Australia rocks.
The End.
I think I used enough examples in my definition of Australia =\
by coryinc September 14, 2006
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The best fuckin' country in the world, Australia, is also the only place where Christ could never have been born, as in Australia, you cannot find 3 wisemen and a virgin.
Ozzy! Ozzy! Ozzy! Oi! Oi! Oi!

Ozzy! = Australia!
by seedy March 22, 2003
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officially the greatest country in the world, and yes we can wear that title because we`re all the way down here so what the hell are you gonna do about it!?
yep australia is godzone
by returnfrom86 August 09, 2005
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Australia is a country situated in between the Indian and Pacific Ocean in the Southern Hemisphere. Australia is the 6th largest country by land in the world, with a range of different climates from Dry deserts to Rainforests to Grasslands to Mountains. Australia was previously inhabited by Aboriginies and Torres Strait Islanders before it was overtaken by the British and made a colony. Most of Australia's Population live in Large Cities on it's coast, but is proud of it's small country towns and their culture. Officially voted the 3rd best Country in the world overall by the United Nations (after Sweden and Norway) Australia is just a great place.
"I live in Australia
by Bez February 26, 2005
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Ahhh....Australia. The Great Southern Land, Down Under, Terra Australis, Oz, The Better Version of New Zealand...
The world's biggest island and smallest continent, with the world's highest amount of sporting success per capita. Dryest inhabitated continent and the only country to occupy a whole continent. Sixth largest country in the world and the third least densely populated. The national occupations are drinking and sport, unsurprising given we're all descended from convicts.
Pom/Kiwi/Yank/Frog/pretty much anyother nationality: "Damn those Australians, they've beaten our cricket/football/swimming/hockey/most other sports under the sun team for the 456th time!"
by itsmadeline September 16, 2005
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one of the best country's on earth
* a country that has the highest standards of living
* stable and growing economy
* smart educated people
* nice land, especially the beachs here
* not a power ego war starting country
by Dert August 19, 2005
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best mother fucking country in the world. any mofos who think any different can burn in hell for all i care. best at most sports ( not including them american "sports" like baseball and poofball (oh wait gridiron)) we'll kick ur ass at cricket, AFL (best form of football on this earth) swimming (not a real sport) etc. we'll out drink you any day. our laid back attitude kicks ass. our military is one of the best trained in the world. dont judge us by our dickhead Politicians cause well all politicians are dickheads. any wayz Australia kicks ass FULLSTOP.
best country in the world
by 35acu 4 life August 26, 2005
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australia is a great country with a diverse culture. good friendly people, good at almost every sport and one of the highest standards of living. nothing like america where they dont even have a proper health system.
australia spends thier money on important things like; education, health and employment where as america spends most of thier money on the military.

america is not such a great counrty.
by Weepin August 19, 2005
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