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To have a form of mental retardation not yet known to man.
To be so ignorant and annoying people want to punch you in the throat.
To blame everyone else for messing up when you do.
To scold everyone else when you yourself suck.
to curse so much other people's ears bleed.
D: who is that kid with Austism?
F: the red headed one?
D: yah
F: oh just some stupid fuck.
by deebskees April 24, 2010
the feeling of complete and utter monotony, usually due to being over-tired, over-fucked up and/or completely burnt out.
kate: hey man you seem a little down, i think your having a bout of austism
austin: (in a monotonous tone)uhhhhhh yea i guess
by 324tex February 03, 2010
The act of an American getting stuck with an Australian accent.
D- "Damn do you got Austism again..."

Austism victim- "Whats that mate I just threw some grills on the bawbay and now I'm playing with my dingo..."

D- "That sounds unsanitary"
by DJamesK1 April 18, 2011