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One of the most craziest girls that I know, a textbook definition of P.A.R.T.Y A.N.I.M.A.L, originally from Lithuania, Austeja's elevate the insanity and party level or any jam from a 0 to a 11 outta 10.
Party Member #1: Yo bro, did you go to that house party last friday night?

Party Member #2: Yeah man, cause Austeja was there

Party Member #1: Really? Damn, u didn't tell me she was there? She's like the only reason why Jams are worth going to- ur too lucky bro

Party Member #2: Of course bro, of course
#party #teja #lithuania #awesome #party animal
by The one and only truth 2012 October 23, 2011
She is the most hyper, but friendly African girl that I know. Although she may be really awkward at times, she is the last person who would backstab you. Last of all, she is the best friend of the girl I love the most.
Guy 1: Yo I was chilling last night with Tiffany, she seems like a sweet girl

Guy 2: Bro, you have no idea about having a good time, with Austeja, it is party time 24/7~ nbd

Guy 1: So true
#austejja #hot #awesome #crazy #loco
by Lolcatz143 June 05, 2011
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