Auri is the name of the Goblin Prince which lives in the wooded areas of Washington State. The Goblins lair is underground and has a system of underground tunnels running between the wooded areas. Auri is said to come out into the cities on the 4th of July. And you can tell where Auri might have been because he usually leaves behind a web of jizz.
"Look at that size of that spider web!"
"That's no spider web, that's Auri's Jizz"
by tubafish April 29, 2010
Top Definition
A girl who is fun loving and cool. Usually someone who loves sports and is athletic. She is a great friend and good at most things she tries. And she loves all living creatures. She's super sweet and nice some even say she's too nice at times She's always funny and can bring a smile to anyone's face. She's never judgmental and likes you for you. She makes a great girlfriend, always caring and listens to any problems you have, and is extremely supportive.
"Auri is so sweet she's a great friend/girlfriend and is always supportive"
by Real life November 29, 2013
a goat who mates with tigers
Look at that Auri mating with that Baalika Tiger
by Guesswhooo March 05, 2008
make of toyota car
name of car is auris
by tom johnston September 10, 2008

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