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An adult female who is involved to some extent in an African American child's life; can be mother's sister but is not necessarily so.
Momma said to go to Auntie LaJuana's house after school.
by dorothy December 31, 2004
A desi(south asian) woman who has all of the following characteristics:
1) has a thick desi accent when talking in English
2) talks in English to be cool
3) pinches your cheeks and calls you beta or glares at u and calls u batameez
4) chases people with chappals
5) smells like curry
6) asks you to marry her son the first time you meet her
7) is a fob.
That auntie offered me "ass cream" .. it took me a whole 10 mins to figure out she was referring to ice cream.

After discovering I'm in my last year of medical school, this auntie declared I was going to marry her son.
by AsianPranksta June 22, 2010
a female crack head
auntie copped a dib from me
by throwed&payed December 11, 2003
An older gay gentleman who prefers the company of younger men. His intent is usually non-sexual in nature but, to appear hip and trendy amongst said peers in the gay community.
Sergei:Where are we watching American Idol tonight?

Hermes: I say we head over to Arthurs house, he has the flyest surround sound system

Sergei: Ickkk... He creeps me out that old auntie....
by cMoney Disco October 04, 2009
Colloquial and endearing term of reference for the BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation). Implies a friendly and trusted old relative who can always be relied upon to be there for you. Often used by newspapers and magazines in the UK to refer to the BBC and allow the creation of otherwise nonsensical national headlines (see below).
Auntie proposes overnight shutdown.
Auntie in move to Manchester.
Auntie's licence fee cut by 25%.
by misselthwaite April 14, 2011
a woman young or old who will perform sexual acts for money.a older crackhead.
after my girl left me hanging i called my brother and he took me to see an auntie.
by douglas baxter December 13, 2007
auntie-The female version of a crackhead
Man that bit*& is a auntie
by Jahmela June 02, 2006
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