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Verb. Ant-E-Kris-eed

To become outrageously intoxicated at a family function.

Causes: Not standing up until 4 glasses of wine are finished, while drinking in the sun

Symptoms: Laughing and talking at an incredibly high pitch, followed by vomiting before passing out.
She got so Auntie Kriss-ied this weekend that she told her husband she wasn't sure it was forever !

I was so Auntie Kriss-ied last night that I peed in the closet.

You need to relax, you are too Auntie-Kriss-ied right now.

I don't have a job, so I can get Auntie Kriss-ied anytime I feel like it.
by HappyBirthday26May May 25, 2009
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