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A coloured pancake lady who, with the a gap in her front teeth, and the right hair style, can look like Condolessa Rice. In the earlier sketches of Auntie Jemima she is an older woman, but as society became more demanding the picture has been modified to a sexy woman at the tender age of 70. Her "syrup" is really all the "-glouscoses" mixed with water.
It is a common misconception that Aunt Jemima is married to Uncle Ben (hence their daughter Condolessa Rice), but she is actually a lesbien and is with Betty Crocker... now THAT'S some food for though!
by kuckapoo February 14, 2007
An Aunt Jemima is when you kidnap a young -- and usually attractive -- female and tie her up in a closet for a few days, giving her nothing to eat so she will be starving. after a few days, you take her out and give her a huge plate of steaming hot pancakes. right as she's about to dig in, whip out your dick and come on the pancakes and watch as your semen runs along the pancakes like maple syrup.
she will be so hungry she will eat it anyway!
bro 1: i aunt jemima'd this girl last week.
bro 2: what. the. FUCK.
by my dick is on mtv August 10, 2008
The act of locking a girl in a closet for a period of 5-24 hours, after said lock up, one ejaculates onto pancakes and offers them to the girl. The girl should be so hungry that she eats them.
"Hey! So I pulled my first Aunt Jemima today!"
by sicknastymn July 16, 2009
a.k.a syrup;a concoction of cough syrup, soda, and a jolly rancher. the drink of that dirrty south
" I used to be a shoe shiner now I sip Aunt Jemima " - SPM
by miss_sixty August 10, 2005
A cover name for the talk show tv host named Oprah.
Hey, you watch 'em Aunt Jemima showz?
Nah, too daft...
by destouches January 10, 2005
Female equivalent of an Uncle Tom. A nigger bitch that sucks white dick to get ahead in life
Condolezza Rice is an Aunt Jemima.
by Bob Boberts April 10, 2005
a woman's period, that time of the month
Aunt Jemima is here, so nothing for you tonight.
by Teddy Bundy July 26, 2006