A girl who is sweet down to Earth and funny. She never lets you down and when you feel bad she will help you feel better. no one compares to an Aundrea. she is irreplacable and you feel a lot better when you are around her. she never gives up and when a difficult task comes her way she will conquer it with grace and ease. she is always there to help and is loving and caring!!! :D
Clare: hey who are you dating.
You: just a funny smart, and down to Earth girl
Clare: oh an Aundrea
You: ha yeah!!!
by Marcelene220 October 26, 2011
Top Definition
The most beautiful, intelligent, sexiest woman that you will ever meet that happens to be totally unattainable.
Beyonce is such an Aundrea.
by Drey Drizzle February 02, 2010
complete nutcase most of the time and sweet when she wants something
that girl is a total aundrea
by mamacita213 February 02, 2010
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