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an attractive, french male who usually tends to be a womanizer
Anna: I can't believe he thinks he can just leave her like that!
Joe: Yeah, he's totally pulling an Augustin...
by highonlifeandsharpies August 09, 2011
1. A little piece of poo

2. Fattest looser alive , unluckiest also.

3. Guy with small penis. Very jealous of men with great penises like Armand-Louis ' s.

4. When you get fuck by destiny, it's call an Augustin.

5. The small pubes on girl's nipples.
1. "Damn , that Augustin won't flush "

2. "Omg , there is an Augustin right here , lets avoid him..."

3. " Maan , i'm fucked. I'm an Augustin !!! I will never get laid !!! "

4." My mom just died , my kid is a retard , i'm am unemployed , and I have an anus cancer ... I got so Augustin by life...."

5." EW , she has Augustin...."
by Armandino March 24, 2011