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Augustana College is a school in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. The schools is made up mostly of Athlete-Students and everyone that is not is most likely a Sioux Falls resident or a complete weirdo. This school is known for having extremely bullshit rules and having a extremely high amount of ugly women. Once you attend this school your standards will drop and you will develop a new code known as "Augie Hot", in which girls at the school are only "hot" becuase they attend Augustana and that if they were in the real world they would not even be looked at in a room full of mexican hookers. If you are looking for a party scene this is definately not the school for you, every weekend when you go somewhere you see the same kids everytime and all you will drink is Phillips Vodka, Ron Diaz rum, and Keystone Light. If you are looking for a true college experence this is definately not the school for you.
One dude said to another dude at a party at Augustana College, "That girl isn't even Augie Hot and i got my Beer Gogs on."
by SoDakRepresent January 04, 2010
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A private college located in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Although it's by no means a party school, the educational programs offered there are superior to many, many colleges, especially the ones in the area. Anyone who wishes to attend Augustana must have the idea that he or she is primarily there to learn, not to get drunk.
"I attend Augustana College, and I love it. Go Vikings!"
by seijunsuzuki January 21, 2012
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