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Cooler than you.
Hey Fred, look, it's Auggie!
"Yeah, she's pretty damn cool."
by NyanCat69 August 23, 2011
Augustin, commonly known as "Auggie" by his closest friends is a caring, passionate fellow that is always up for a good laugh and spending time with the people he loves. He has a amazingly sexy smile, and his shy sensitive manner keep the ladies coming back for more! There is never a dull moment with an "Auggie" and he is usually a bomb skateboarder. He loves exotic women and knows how to treat em right ;) Auggies are great friends and always a person you can trust! Go find yourself an "Auggie" today! FYI... phone calls may be ignored.
Female: " O my God you have to meet this new Auggie I just bought!!!"

Friends: "No way where did you find an Auggie? I've been looking everywhere for one!"

Female: "I'm not telling! :)"

Friends: " Lucky Bitch!"
by Pipe Wilson+ sydney walker December 15, 2010
a shortened version of the name August or Augustus
we named her Auggie because she was born in August.
by berlon October 29, 2005