a shortened version of the name August or Augustus
we named her Auggie because she was born in August.
by berlon October 29, 2005
Top Definition
Augustin, commonly known as "Auggie" by his closest friends is a caring, passionate fellow that is always up for a good laugh and spending time with the people he loves. He has a amazingly sexy smile, and his shy sensitive manner keep the ladies coming back for more! There is never a dull moment with an "Auggie" and he is usually a bomb skateboarder. He loves exotic women and knows how to treat em right ;) Auggies are great friends and always a person you can trust! Go find yourself an "Auggie" today! FYI... phone calls may be ignored.
Female: " O my God you have to meet this new Auggie I just bought!!!"

Friends: "No way where did you find an Auggie? I've been looking everywhere for one!"

Female: "I'm not telling! :)"

Friends: " Lucky Bitch!"
by Pipe Wilson+ sydney walker December 15, 2010
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