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an announcement that you're taking off

a goodbye.
we were done with the lame party and wanted to go home so we were audi 5000
by kayla December 05, 2003
slang for saying peace
We audi 5000 yo
by Ptess April 01, 2003
Slang for saying "good bye my friends."
Comes from the stupidization of the phrase "We are out of here." Shortened to the less intelligible "We Audi 5000". Further stupidized to just "we audi"... will eventually become the guttural "au"
We Audi 5000...Yo... (Yo must be added.)
by Easy E. April 11, 2003
Short for "Audi", which is short for "Outie", which is short for "Outta here", which is short for "I'm out of here", which is short for "I'm leaving".
As we left Tyronne's house, we told his sister Juantia, "We're Audi 5000"
by Super Pimp May 20, 2005