Describing one's immediate desire to vacate the premises/area
Friend: "Here comes your girlfriend's husband"
Punk: "I'm Audi"
by Uncle Max September 18, 2006
Originally derived from Audi 5000, but means to be out, to leave, or to get going.
Yo, this party is hella wack so I'm audi.
by DJ Glaze December 22, 2003
Derived from the Germany automobile company. Basically, it means "good." Part of a trifecta of terms (Audi = Good; Volvo = decent; Pinto = worthless)
That track's Audi...
by The Last Civilian April 13, 2004
always under demonic influence
example not needed
by Daniel Lioneye April 21, 2004
To leave, to jet, to get the FUCK out.
I said, how old are you G?
"Yo, I'm audi" - Chi-Ali
by Renato June 05, 2004
That damn audi just cut me off
by andyd18213238 October 31, 2004
Slang: leaving of a place
i'm audi here
we're audi here
by Trickster April 02, 2004

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