next to volkswagens, the best cars ever. they are fast, mean, and fun to drive. they will kick your a*s and then hand it to you on a plate. they are well designed and sturdily built. they are soft on the inside and hard on the outside. they are rare in some places and abundant in others. they were born in germany. they have leather and heated seats. and all wheel drive. you can modify them so that they have over 400 horsepower and go really fast. they kick butt at touring car and le mans races and they make great rally cars. even old ones are cool.
Someday when i get out of college, I want to get an Audi S4 to keep my little white jetta company.
by Queen of Ingolstadt November 24, 2003
A greeting
"Hey" "Audi" "audi" "how you doing?" "fine man"
by bootheadLedeuce July 31, 2008
A situation whereby your feeling pretty damn good
Lad1: Mate you alright

Lad2: Yeah boy! Im so good im audi bruv
by LADRON! August 31, 2011
Definition #24 bashes Audi's "S" products. They say that the S4 is slower than the M3 and C55, the RS6 is slower "by 100hp" (which doesn't make any sense) than the M5 and E55, and that the S8 can't keep up with a Mercedes-Benz S55 AMG. My thoughts:

1. The Audi S4 is not made to compete directly with the BMW M3. That would be the new RS4, which whoops the BMW's ass in every respect. BMW got so overwhelmed by the new RS4 that they had to shove a huge V8 into their new model to keep up.

2. The Mercedes E55 isn't sold any more, and neither is the Audi RS6. The BMW M5 and Mercedes E63 AMG models are the only cars in that class right now. However, when the RS6 and E55 WERE out, they were faster than the last-gen M5. The new RS6 will once again reign as head of the class, because it will have 70 more horsepower than the BMW and Mercedes, as well as better handling. Power doesn't make a car better- it has to be balanced, and new Audis are.

3. The Audi S8 is not meant to compete with the discontinued Mercedes S55 AMG. Not only is the old S55 slower than the new S8, but it was $30K more expensive. The new S63 AMG is faster than the S8, but it's still $40K more expensive. I know which one I'd buy.
Girl: woah, what was that awesome blue car? it sounded so cool!

Guy: that was the new audi RS4. that's my dream car. it has the same engine as a new $100,000 sports car!!!

Girl: ooh that would be hot
by esf August 18, 2007
1. A true ultimate driving machine.
2. Something people may try to steal.
Fucking shit Jamal! You shouldn't be walking around with that watch on your wrist. Its a fucking Audi!
by RIVEL October 18, 2002
A very, very beautiful woman. Always slim.
Audi is great
by TdaB December 31, 2008
Most beautiful girl I have ever met, she is amazing and I could fall madly in love with her.
Audi will you let me fall in love with you?
by Lost Z Lex March 08, 2009

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