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is a driver on the road that tale gates , cuts other cars off and zig zags in traffic.
Who is that tale gating me? An Audi Driver.
by AudiDriverhater September 20, 2012
7 0
Someone who is allowed to do 120mph on any road, go through red lights, kill cyclists, stop in bus stops and private parking bays.

An Audi Driver which is female, however, will drive everywhere at 10mph, Sit through green lights and then speed through red and Park in the middle of the road for 7 years when on a school run.
GUY:Did you hear about that pile up on the motorway last week ?

ME: Audi Driver ?

GUY: Yes.

MAN: I was rear ended on the M3 yesterday, Audi Driver of course
by real life definitions September 24, 2013
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