Lame word that originates form lame people who make their fonts messed up so you can't tell the difference inbetween an a to an s.
Lame peron who thinks fonts are cool: u auck
Me: WTF is auck?
Lame peron who thinks fonts are cool: DUDE U R CONFUSING ME!!!!
ME: STFU and tell me what auck means.
by Seenus September 10, 2003
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The gangsta way of saying Auckland, New Zealand.
I mad mad dough hustlin in Aucks.
by zoeyainthowuspellit October 04, 2007
1. (adj) splendid.

2. (adj) bad smell.

3. (verb) picking your nose.
1. "you did an auck job."
2. "That is aucky air"
3. "I saw you aucking over there!"
by The Bored Duo March 18, 2010

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