a city full of sexually active and under the influence kids who are bored shitless. They make fun of others and enjoy pointless drama, and then grow old there and have children that repeat the cycle over and over again.
Living in auburn is like hell on earth.
by saracansingtheabcs September 07, 2008
A place in new york, with a lot of history. This town also includes a lot of dirtbags. Like most other towns though, it has all of the other social groups as well. It is generally a depressing place to be. Although, some of the people there are mad cool.
Auburn is so auburn.
by Ijustwannagiveauburnaname. August 24, 2010
The Ghetto of Sydney, Australia. Similar to Harlem in New York
ey bruzz where u from...
from the ghetto, i'm from Auburn bruzz
by Big Adzz June 25, 2006
Au·burn aw-bern


1. A reddish-brown or golden-brown color.

2. A small, town-like city in the heart of Central New York-- a peaceful land where soldiers, sailors and martians play songs for each other and run naked through the streets. Just kidding about that last part.
Person A: "Excuse me, Sir, may I trouble you with an inquiry as to what your favorite color might be?"
Person B: "The F@#$? Auburn, fool. Auburn. Now GTFO my face!"
Person C: "Wut..?"

Bro 1: "So, uhh... where we goin', guys?"
Bro 2: "Uh... it's 2:00am in The Burn. Where do you think we're going?"
Bro 3: "Le sigh..."
Bro 2: "!@#$ YOU, MAN! We're GOING!"
Brosephine 1: "Welcome to Taco Bell, how are you tonight?"
Bro 1, putting on sunglasses: "Release the doves!"
Fire sauce +7!!!
by Luke989 July 08, 2011
Frequently used to describe reddish brown or a dark red. Also the name of a college in Alabama.
Billy has auburn hair and went to Auburn State University.
by traveling bob August 14, 2006
A place where twitter has become popular among "10" "kidshelpingkids" "dirtbags" "beached whales" and other "teenagers" and in which these groups find the need to fight on it which i (@thewoodeshow) find very entertaining.
ohhhhay: *urban dictionary definition of auburn*
annaxbianco: ohhhshooot
ohhhhay: bring it bitch
annaxbianco: two can play at that game *uurban dictionary definition of auburn*
by thewoodeshow August 24, 2010
Auburn a place in Washington. Mostly populated with single mothers on welfare. If you live in Auburn Chances are you have either spent food stamps or are spending food stamps.
Auburn has tons of bars, schools, apartments with lots of single moms.
by Food Stamp Guy October 14, 2008

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