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The shittiest city in the state of New York. Auburn consists of a bunch of redneck, white trash people who don't have a lot of money and just sit on their porches all day flying their confederate flags and drinking Busch. Their youth consists of STD-ridden teenagers who lose their virginity at 13 and a bunch of losers that will take every and any drug, regardless of the quality, in order to lose more brain cells. The only saving grace of the city is the Bass Pro Shops located there, which brings in most of it's money, and the prison, which contains federal criminals. There are not many successful people from Auburn.
Teenager 1: "Why do you want to go to Auburn, New York??"
Teenager 2: "To buy fast food and beer, the only thing the city is good for."
by NYState Official December 14, 2010
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