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the worst organized town in worcester county; the police are corrupted, the schools dont stop bullying and someone managed to miss a test via a bomb threat the last day of school last year!

and the public woods go up in flames at least twice a summer due to drunken parties and also fights over simple catches of fish are frequent!

the mall, high school and library all were built over complex marshlands that have caused biodiversity to drop by 30%!

plus, each year, the town agrees to allow suburbs to be built and each year another empty patch of the town is stripped bare and nevers grows plants again...
dude, i was thinking of robbing someone, wanna go to Auburn, MA?

stop on by Auburn, MA, the outer rim ain't so bad... death rates are actually 2% lower than the center of town!

hey guys, look, this tree is flammable! let's see if the one next to it is... i mean, this is Auburn, MA!
by mvafan February 15, 2011
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