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Social network creatures who make a big deal about their attitude. They generally put their attitude crap in the "about me" section.

Common lines used by an attitude whore are: I am like this, Don't piss me off or I will piss you off in tons, I hate hypocrites, I hate people with fake attitudes, Don't tell me what to do, If you think my attitude is bad, so be it ect.
In Facebook their favorite quotation is: If You Can't Accept Me At My Worst , You Don't Deserve Me At My Best.
Facebook Profile
About Me: Hi, I am Megan. I am a no nonsense girl. Don't give me crap or I will attack you back with more crap. I have loads of attitude and I am proud of who I am.....

Me: There goes another attitude whore.
by Dr.Sperm May 29, 2011

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