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A person who is so pretty and is really funny!
Person 1: 'I met a girl today and she was funny and pretty at the same time!!

Person 2: 'So shes an Attie?'

Person 1: 'Yeahh i guess she is!'

Person 2: 'dude ur so lucky!'
by John Smith233 October 08, 2011
Inner city farewell greeting. Probably a play on "I holla atcha".
Leave yer name and number and I'll get back witcha...Attie
by Uncle Beasley April 03, 2006
a person that likes to masturbate while his mother watches.
(1). Did you know that Adriaan masturbates in front of his mommy?
(2). No, I didn't know.
(1). Yip, he's a real Attie!!!!!!!!
by Oupa Doelie April 03, 2008
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