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An incredibly cute, sometimes very sexy pairing consisted of Takahashi Minami and Maeda Atsuko from Japan's most popular Girl band 'AKB48'. Atsuko represents the 'Atsu' part and Minami represents the 'Mina' part.

These 2 ladies are most paired together because of their close couple-like relationship and loving heart-felt moments. In most fanfics, Minami would play the male and Atsuko would be the female.

Search Atsumina on YouTube, Tumblr, & etc. and you'll see what I'm sayin'.
Girl1: Hey, look it's Atsumina cuddling together in their sleep!

Girl2: Oh yeah, dude they are totally gay for each other.

Girl3: God bless Mariko-sama for blogging Atsumina <3
by Journey8 August 21, 2012
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