1: A low carb eat whatever else you want to eat diet. Many people just eat less carbs on the diet forgetting the importance of getting off of their fat asses.
2: Another ideological table scrap for the intellectually starved.
Fuck this Atkins diet shit doesn't do anything, balanced diet and 1\2 hour of exercise a day! Idiots.
by Fit Trick August 26, 2004
a stinking heap of rotting bullshit
women: i tried the atkins diet and instead of losing 10 pounds i gain 7,000
by The Jizz King July 24, 2006
aka the fatkins diet. This diet consists of fat and meat. You basically walk around all day like zombie and your breath smells like paint chips.

You will see these dieters eating pork rinds and craft singles for snacks. And if they happen to lose control and eat some bread they will beat themselves in the head for about an hour. This type of eating causes extreme water lose, so the dieter pisses every 5 minutes.

This diet is one of those yo-you diets as in "Yo I lost 20lbs, but my heart is the size of a horses heart now."

I've also heard this diet called the "Sourdough Jack Diet".
The typical diet looks like this. One stick of butter for breakfast, pigs feet for lunch and wheel of cheese from Randalls.
by Snake75 June 07, 2005
A diet that was developed under a misunderstanding between complex carbohydrates, such as those found in whole grain, and simple cabohydrates, such as processed sugar. Causes halitosis.
The Atkins Diet is a poor alternative to cutting back on simple carbs and getting up and participating in regular excercise.
by Napoleon the Clown July 06, 2006
A marketing pitch used by Subway (like that 6g fat crap) and McDonalds to scam millions of judgement-lacking idiots into think a lard-packed, cheese stuffed, burrito or Subway Sandwich, with loads of mayonaise and unsalted butter topping it off will make them lose weight.
"Tonight, why not try our all new Atkins-approved supersized beef taco! With all of your favorite ingredients, barbeque sauces, mayonaise, excess poorly drained bacon, melted fatty-cheese residue from the dairy factory, and topped off with solid chunks of lard for that mmm mmm flavor!"
by Chang Tan June 17, 2004
A crappy exscuse for a diet. People on it eat basically anything they want exept bread, pasta, fruit, and veggies.
Think it sounds stupid now? Well the guy who made it died of obesity!
The people who are actully stupid enough to go on it gain more weight than than they lose.
If you want to lose weight use slim-fast!
Someidiot: Jeez, I went on that Atkins diet and I gained 35 pounds. But I was only trying to lose 10.
Otheridiot: Yer lucky, I went on it and I gained 50!
by bitch#1 April 16, 2005
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