A diet that focuses on banning carbs, contrary to popular belief no body knows if Atkins died of obesity like John Wayne was never even autopsied.
It is not a license to gorge Atkins once said.
Your heart may be buttery after this diet but its not like this diet permits 20 sticks of butter, a day might follow an omelet with cheese, ham ,and mushroom with a hearty chef salad for lunch then with a steak and tossed veggies. And berries are permitted sparingly with i must admit hearty fatty snacks time to time.

I'm surprised that most definitions that actually state the diet are made up of people who did not read the book, and it does not permit unlimited fatty food. This idea came from the fact this book permits cheese and meat which if you recall the 70's where made to look evil towards rice and pasta. The first 2 weeks only allow 30 net gram carbs then there is another phase which introduces whole grains back.
Nerd: lollol12l3l1 i ate 20 bucckets of lard today l123o12l3 im on a diet

Guy: I followed Atkins diet ,his guidelines and read the book i am prepared for the side effects and will not make my day of food be worth more than 20% saturated fat. But only have 30 carbs a day for a while.
by That guy who is here April 21, 2008
Weight loss method devised in the 1970's by Richard Atkins. The basic principle is lower carbohydrate intake, as carbs are stored energy. If there is less carbohydrate, then the body will go to using fat, go directly to using fat, do not pass carbs, do not collec 200 calories.
The atkins is really fuckin' expensive, just go to the fuckin gym.

DR Atkins slipped on ice and fell. He had a heart attack. Had his body been less petit, he would have survived- translation- go to the gym and lose weight while becoming stronger, rather than scrawney.
by Gumba Gumba March 13, 2004
a diet, that everyone seems to be on. incredibly annoying with all this damn talk about it.
person: that guy who invented the atkins diet, died overweight.

other person: guess he didn't walk the talk

person: yeah, boo
by halley March 03, 2004
An estremely unhealthy diet that supposedly thinks carbs are the source of weight gain. Used mostly by idiots with no willpower.
I should invent a diet like this one. You eat lots of high protein and high carb foods and get lots of exercise. It has already worked for thousands of years and for billions of people. What do you think the farmers, miners, soldiers, blacksmiths, etc. have been doing for thousands of years? Eating meats, breads, vegetables, and getting a shitload of exercise, and they are usaully in shape.
by Elitist April 07, 2004
A diet that greatly restricts carbohydrates, including pasta, and is illegal throughout Italy. Some residents of Firenze, Roma e Venezia (Florence, Rome and Venice) believe that promoting the Atkins diet anywhere in Italy should carry a mandatory prison sentence of ten years. And in parts of Sicily and Calabria, distributing pro-Atkins Diet propaganda can result in getting whacked.
American tourist entering a ristorante near Termini Train Station in Rome: “I’m on the Atkins diet. What do you have for me?”

Roman waiter: “Mamma mia! Che vergogna! La dieta di Atkins non e legale in Italia, signore.” (“Mamma mia! What a disgrace! The Atkins diet is illegal in Italy, sir.”)

American tourist leaving a ristorante near Termini Train Station in Rome: “From now on, I’m only eating at McDonald’s.”
by Sir Bullwhip July 18, 2009
A diet that has sadly been associated with another, very similar but more effective diet called the timed ketogenic diet. The timed ketogenic diet has none of the negative side effects of the Atkins Diet.

I can't blame anyone who disapproves of the Atkins Diet because it is, in fact, flawed. The term "Atkins Diet" has so many negative overtones that people associate with it.

People on the Atkins Diet do lose weight, but they gain it all back once carbs are re-introduced into their diet. Add to that, their metabolisms are comparably slower than before they even started the diet, and so they regain the weight and then some.

This "rebound effect," where the person gains all the weight back and gains even more weight, is due to loss of muscle during the diet.

You see, muscle keeps our metabolism elevated. The more muscle a person has on his or her body frame, the faster his or her metabolism. But the problem with the Atkins Diet is that the dieters don't combine dieting with regular exercise, so muscle is lost because the individuals are still sedentary and inactive. They solely rely on the diet for weight loss, without trying to preserve their muscle mass.

Which is why the Atkins Diet is often known as a "fad diet" and a "lazy diet." Atkins dieters rely only on the "dieting" portion of it, but pay no attention to daily cardio (jogs) and consistent weight training in the gym to maintain what muscle they have.

Rather, these people should switch over from this "lazy dieting" and instead follow a timed ketogenic diet. Please click on the link to the timed ketogenic diet to learn more about it.
Atkins dieters will inevitably lose muscle.

Rather, they should follow the timed ketogenic diet in order to preserve maximum muscle mass and keep their metabolisms elevated.

The difference between the Atkins Diet and the timed ketogenic diet? No negative side effects with the timed ketogenic diet that frequently occur with the Atkins Diet.

No more weight rebound effects!
by martinelli March 31, 2006
The sorry excuse for a diet regimen that ends up leaving you more unhealthy than if you had stayed off the diet.
How can you substitute sugars and starch for saturated fats? The brain's main food is sugar, and there happens to be a little insignificant thing called....uhh.... HEART DISEASE?!!!!!
by bigtones January 10, 2005

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