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To masturbate in a dirty sock, when there are no clean alternatives
Dave 'Dude, i think i got tinea on my balls'

Louis 'On your balls???'

Dave 'Athlete's dick'

Louis 'Ah...Gotta roll with the clean socks bro'
1) A yeast infection in the male crotch area. 2) the exposure of athletes foot to the crotch area by means of said foot hitting the underwear prior to pulling them up. 3) a dry or itchy rash
John got a bad case of athlete's dick from Karen. Robert got athlete's dick from the mens locker room.
by Randel Flagg October 31, 2009
a chemical imbalance {not reconized by A.M.A} that causes a man to use his penis like you would use equipment in an competitive sport.
girl,i know he's fine and got money, but he got athlete's dick, his bed room's got a revolving door.
by John boy schuller August 12, 2007