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A person, generally a fundamentalist member of an organized religion, who has an irrational fear/hate of Atheists. These people are generally misinformed about Atheism and Atheists, although some just choose to remain willfully ignorant, in order to continue their irrational fear/hate. Many of these "Atheistphobes" make the uneducated assertion that because the Bible supposedly teaches "morals," that Atheists must be "amoral."
The atheistphobe scolded the atheist for not believing in her god, by constantly saying that he will "burn in Hell for his betrayal of the Almighty."
by Misunderstood By Fundies December 01, 2009
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Non-existent like the supposed intellect of an atheist.

No one is an atheistphobe unless they have an irrational fear of atheists.

However most theists don't use generalizations like atheists and therefore wouldn't develop a fear of atheists based on the stupidity and irrational anger of some of them.
Christian: So you're atheist? That's cool. I don't care.
Atheist: You sound like an Atheistphobe!!!
Christian: Don't talk about phobias when you're the one putting all Christians into the same boat teaching people that we're inhuman monsters.
by Skialian January 07, 2014
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