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a person with no faith in any diety who do not need to disprove god because there is no proof in the first place
<christian> well prove that there is no god
<athiest> prove that there is no forty foot tall rabbit sitting on your shoulder
by tara September 06, 2003
A person who thinks logically, rather than basing their beliefs on a self-contradicting document which is not just unproven, but is actually disproven by science.
"you're going to hell because you're an atheist"
by A Theist April 20, 2003
A human who does not believe in a sentient being capable of modifying the fundamental rules of physics and the universe (Also known as a god). Often, the term is used in contrast to the term Theist or Creationist.
An Atheist is not something you put on a sandwich.
by No one of consequence August 21, 2014