a person who does not believe in the christian/muslim/etc god, but can believe in other gods like roman, nordic,native american, etc.
so, youre and atheist right? so u dont believe in anything?

yes i am an atheist, but im only against the monothiests, polythiests are ok with me
by ayishajonesee August 30, 2010
Atheists are moral cowards who has decided to reject God in order to live a materialistic, corrupt lifestyle, while claiming to be superior to those who do not follow on their path of ignorance. Usually reject any sort of afterlife as well. Often emo teenagers who have had a poor relationship with their parents and feel the need to resist any sort of authority. Some grow up at some point and accept God, but others just turn into shallow husks of men who can be found trolling internet forums, or creating sad internet communities where they just pat each other on the back all day. Occasionally a moronic atheist will attempt to sue the government or complain about "In God we Trust, God Bless the USA, One Nation, Under God" or other statements.

Atheists are hypocritical in their criticism of organized religion as seen from their behavior and atheists will often try to convert you, despite their complaints when Christians or anybody says something they don't agree with. Most atheists are often leftists and would implement idiotic liberal social and government policies if given the chance. Thankfully nobody would elect an atheist.
So some atheist moron tried to turn me away from my faith yesterday, what an idiot, I would never listen to those emo losers.
by KingLampshade May 20, 2009
people who don't believe in god or after life in other words they go to hell
Guy 1:achoo
Guy 2:god bless you
guy 1:i don't believe in a god i am an atheist
guy 2:go to hell
by WuiDd77 April 19, 2008
1. A person who does not believe inthe existence of a "divine being"

2. A person who does not believe in the existence of a divine being but seems to find the need to insult Christians for their belief in God while seemingly forgetting the many other religions that believe in a "divine being"
1. I don't accept that there is a "God" or any other divine being

2. "God is just a fable, a figment of the imagination and Christians should accept that."

"What about muslims or jews or any other religion?"

"Eh fuck you bobby"
by Jambon June 22, 2005
One who hates Christians
"lets go cuss some christians out on our blog and make youtube videos about them since we are atheist.
by ghghghghghaaaa January 29, 2009
One who won't go to the trouble to investigate that which is easily understandable when thoroughly researched and tested.
John: "Why are you an atheist?"
Justin: "I tried praying for a million dollars but never got it!"
John: "That's not the way it works - Read the scriptures and learn."
Justin: Awww... I don't have time for that crap! Besides, I'm reading 'The Da Vinci Code'!
by Harkup December 21, 2006
atheists by majority are spoiled white people with jobs-also homosexual as this is great venue to attack church
give a human being too much in shelter food and no responsibility and just maybe their arrogance grows to such a point they dont believe in anyone above them as they transform into a scumbag atheists
by solomon sami azar January 26, 2010

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