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Some one who doesn't believe in a god or gods, and is apparently attacked a lot on urban dictionary by ignorant fools who use stereotypes and stupid situations that are made up on the spot and don't even prove their point
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by Atheist Al June 17, 2010
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To be right about everything and having every reason to fuck with Christians
Not all atheists believe this, but I'm smarter than most of them, too.
by The epitome of greatness July 10, 2008
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annoying teenagers overpopulating the internet whose lives suck. They generally refer to the Bible as "fiction" and come in two flavors: Agressive and Not on the Internet
Atheist: Since my parents got divorced, i no longer believe in God. Now wheres my razor...
by NOT a pedobear February 26, 2010
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A person who believes that out of nothing, nothing created something, that something expanded and cooled to form the universe. Some very small things on one part of the universe came together by complete chance and those things just happened to evolve into larger lifeforms, succeeding in avoiding everything that could have wiped them out, and these larger life-forms happened to evolve into sentient beings with no outside help...right.............
Yes, i am an atheist. I believe that it was complete chance that formed the universe and all the life forms that currently inhabit it, no matter how unlikely that is, so I am curretly desperately searching for ways to prove that the universe is random, but not succeeding.
by madman_salvo March 13, 2008
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Something that a lot of people claim to be. However they don't seem to exist on a battlefield or in a hospital emergency room.
Dave was always claimed to be an atheist and how he did not believe in God until he nearly died in a violent mugging. When he was praying to God to spare his life.
by faithful servant of Christ April 17, 2011
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A person who does not believe in God, or religion for that matter. Unfortunately, many atheists ridicule and insult other religions, even though they could simply accept other people's beliefs and respect them. For example, many people on the internet are atheists and bash other religions mercilessly, feeling that being an atheist is intelligent and makes them better than people who believe in religion. These atheists can often be found on internet forums, insulting other people.
(on an internet forum)

Person: "Yea, I thought Adam Sandler was pretty funny in taht movie."

Angry Atheist: "You actually think Adam Sandler is funny? Ha! You stupid conformist... You must be a Christian... Oh, and by the way, learn how to spell 'that', dumbass."

by Curlbacca July 23, 2006
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Most of the time are nice people who don't push there beliefs on Christians, just as most of the time christians don't push there belifs on Atheist's. The Media, makes both seem true. But dont get me wrong, there are both types. My science teacher back in 6th grade had once said to a student that he would love to tell him the truth about Christianity, and if it wasn't for laws stopping him he would. That's the example of the bad kind, someone who has to to push opinions all over people, and the fact that he was like 11 years old was especially stupid.

The atheist belief though, is often strange. Atheist belive in no higher power, however there is no evidence that they are right. The Big Bang theory is a theory, not fact, and even if there was a big bang, where did THAT come from? Life is so uncertain and history is unclear to know what happensa and what has happened.

But no matter what it will always be this way: Where there is faith and hope, there is always someone to ruin it. Like I said, there is always the good kind who dont push it on people, science in generel seems to push belifs like this. People were a whole lot happier not knowing all these scientific facts supposedly disaproving there whole life and belifs, why does it have to be that way? They say ignorance is bliss, BUT they are not provin ignorant yet! The way I see it, everything but medical science is not neccisarily needed. Science has created the very things we fear, chemical weapons. Science sheds light on the world, but the light can kill you. The whole basic idea of science is to find out what every single thing really is. I honestly do not care if everything but lighning is made of atoms, but I really care those same atoms could destroy a whole country.
Atheists and Science are like the guy at the theature who ruins the end of the movie.
by Spikesy July 05, 2006
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