Someone who tolerantly reads all the facile preceding definitions on this site with a smile, because he knows that the same lack of education that led to the appalling typos also led to the basic misunderstandings of the word 'Atheist'.
"Wow, atheists seem to annoy a lot of Christians. Guess they can't be real Christians if they're so violent and intolerant!"
by Andrew Ryan June 14, 2006
A person that basically says that humans were just a mere coincidence, thus making life pointless.
Atheist scientists believe that the world took billions of years to make. Yeah, maybe for them. It only took me six days. --God
by God's Hands N Feet August 09, 2011
An evolutionary biologist from England who answers to the name of Richard Dawkins.
dude1: I'm an atheist.
dude2: Oh, you must be Richard Dawkins.
by LargeSyringe May 26, 2009
Someone who simply does not believe in a supreme being. These people usually believe that the universe was created not by godly hands, but from natural, scientifically proven occurances that took place over the ages, although there is not neccessarily a set belief. Atheism is not a set religion, but rather simply the belief that there is no god(s).

Commonly related to Satanism, or the worshipping of Satan. However, this is impossible due to the fact that since an Atheist does not believe in God, therefore not believing in Satan, it is impossible for one to be a Satanic follower.

Also, a common stereotype is that Atheists are pompous, arrogant, and immoral people. This is definately not true, as I know many atheists that do volunteer work and such all the time, and are quite nice.
Atheist: Hi, I'm an atheist.
Christian: So you worship Satan?
Atheist: No, I don't believe in Satan, let alone worship him...
Christian: Well, you're still a worthless human being who does nothing with his time besides holding Satanic sacrifices.
Atheist: ... o_O;
by Quizznotik May 14, 2006
There are, actually, several definitions of 'atheist' in modern society.
1. Person who is stupid enough to believe that the world created itself, and cannot explain it. Pitiful...
2. Person who is smart enough to see the faults behind various religions. Feh, dumb Christians...
3. Person who cannot make up their mind about which religion to go with, as a result goes with nothing.
4. Person who honestly couldn't care less about this sort of shit.
1. "Atheists really need to get a life."
2. "Atheists are awesome."
3. "I I count as an atheist?"
4. "Can we talk about something else? Like, maybe books?"
by ellipsisdotdotdot February 14, 2011
v. cool peoplpe who have not been brainwashed by overly powerful christian conservative majorities. people who actually take two seconds to stop and think about how the bible always contradicts itself, how it is the only source of evidence for jesus, and how the existence of god and heaven is a disproved hypothesis that does not fit in with the rules and reasonings of modern science.
ATHEIST 1: Hey, how come all these people believe in God?
ATHEIST 2: Because they're too afraid (*gasp*) to take the reality that we are no better than other humans and that we are alone in this world with only our selves and each other to rely on. No fairytale grandfather in the sky, spirit of a kind but crucified Jew, or "holy spirit" is going to give us anything but baseless confidence.
by KJOOM08 March 04, 2005
A person with no belief or faith in a higher being, or power.
<Atheist> It's cool you believe in god. I am an Atheist. (OBV.)

<Christian> Why don't you believe in god? Prove to me that there is no god...

<Atheist> Prove to me that there is no 12 Inch burning bear on your head wearing a Swastika, on a tightrope.

<Christian> Dick.
by Atheist Horizon April 27, 2009

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