People who do not believe in God, however this is a faith. The true term for not having any beliefs is agnostic. Atheists, contrary to whatever they say, are hypocrites. They are not willing to believe in anything you say, or consider it. Most have inflated ego's, and a superiority complex. They spend time saying how misguided anybody with a religion is and are incredibly vicious when it comes to religion. They regard a simple use of the word "faith" as a free for all. they will not consider changing religions and regard any believer as a lesser species.
Christian #1: So I went to church yesterday, I really like it there, you should come with me.
Atheist: Fuck you, That is for idiots.
Christian #2: The bible says to keep an open mind.
Atheist: Fuck your bible, I'm the smart one here, I'll do the thinking.
by You-know-it November 21, 2009
Proof that humans have gotten too big for their britches.
Person #1: Oh my God. It's totally raining fire. I think it's Judgement Day.
Person #2: Huh.
Person #1: Maybe...we should pray for salvation?
Person #2: Nah, I don't need eternal life and forgivness. I'm an atheist.
by The Twilight Zoner November 12, 2009
An evolutionary biologist from England who answers to the name of Richard Dawkins.
dude1: I'm an atheist.
dude2: Oh, you must be Richard Dawkins.
by LargeSyringe May 26, 2009
An atheist is a person who does not necessarily believe in the existance of a god, or gods, or supreme beings of some kind. They are often charcterized as uncaring, arrogant, self centered, hateful, depressed, miserable, etc. This is not always the case. A common misconception is that atheists want to kill God, when less then a handful actually desire this.
Atheists are atheists for several reasons. Some feel that God would not allow the world and his children, us to kill eachother and devestate this world as we have, so they feel that such a sick minded being couldn't exist. They don't want to believe that something could be so cruel to let its creations suffer. Some feel that God has simply abandoned us for other worlds and see no reason to worship something that is no longer here. There are also atheists who seek the truth, they neither believe in God, or disbelieve in God. They want to find the truth out there if he is or is not real they simply want to know.
A common misunderstanding is that all atheists are fiercly intolerant of other races and religions. In reality, few atheists are that intolerant. In fact most atheists are more accepting of others than most religious people.
A lot of people choose atheism believing religion is a root of evil, having caused countless wars and billions of deaths for no reason throughout all of time. For the most part, atheists do not try and shove their beliefs onto others, unless someone trys to put their religion and beliefs onto them first
Lance armstrong believes if there was a God he would have two balls. He is an atheist who feels abandoned and hurt.

About 80% of all the wars in human history have been caused by conflicting religious views, not one has been by an atheist.
by Eyes Open March 05, 2008
a follower of atheism, a nontheism religion (lack of). atheists do not believe in God or gods. usually they are strong supporters of science, humanism, skepticism and do good deeds, but not out of fear like christians (hell).
jerry falwell: you're going to hell for being a nonbeliever
atheist: well you're going to hell for getting a rusty trombone from a prostitute
by Phil the Pill September 05, 2006
There are, actually, several definitions of 'atheist' in modern society.
1. Person who is stupid enough to believe that the world created itself, and cannot explain it. Pitiful...
2. Person who is smart enough to see the faults behind various religions. Feh, dumb Christians...
3. Person who cannot make up their mind about which religion to go with, as a result goes with nothing.
4. Person who honestly couldn't care less about this sort of shit.
1. "Atheists really need to get a life."
2. "Atheists are awesome."
3. "I I count as an atheist?"
4. "Can we talk about something else? Like, maybe books?"
by ellipsisdotdotdot February 14, 2011
Atheism, in its broadest sense, is a lack of belief in a deity or deities. The opposite of theism, this broad definition encompasses both people who assert that there are no gods and those who make no claim about whether gods exist or not. Narrower definitions of atheism typically include only those who assert the nonexistence of gods, excluding non-believing agnostics and other non-theists. it is the burden of the believer to support his or her belief, not the other way around.

A strong believer in reality. What is there is there. And what isn't must be some good drugs or mental illness. Atheists believe that Scientific method should be used for deduction of fact. a set of false positives and true natural thought should prove that talking to air or dirt or trees on fire do not make you a prophet.

Be happy with life on this plane of exsitence. hope in more, or gifts rained down from above is greed.
Jerry Falwell: you unclean godless sinners will all go to hell!
Atheist: Ahem, No, Jerry. Your belief in hell, however strong does not make it real. If God is so great, why are all of his Christian Church leaders touching young boys? Oh Jerry, you are a Church leader, are you touching little boys?

Your belief in ghosts & goblins does not make it so. Ever notice how the words Church and crutch sound so similar? To the average exchange student they do not hear a difference when hearing English.
by santos miguelito September 06, 2006
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