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Someone who rejects the use of God to explain nature due to its irrelevance.
Atheist: Why does God let children die of starvation everyday?

Believer: The Lord works in mysterious ways.

Atheist: That's just an excuse for not knowing what the hell you're talking about.
by pfranklin89 September 07, 2010
7 23
An ignorant person, unwilling to believe the truth even if it's infront of him
Atheist: I've read all the scriptures, and no God doesn't exist.. Atleast that's what I wanna believe.
by Athiests Suck August 12, 2010
33 49
A godless person who uses reason and science, rather than divinity, to explain his beliefs. Not to be confused with agnostics. These people can be identified either by how much they know about science, or by how much they burn when you put a match to their skin. Atheists burn like flash paper.
Person 1:That guy over there? He must be an Atheist. Did you see the way he just burned up in flames a few seconds ago?
Person 2:SHH!!! He's not an Atheist! that's part of a practical joke involving lighter fluid!
by PossumCuber November 02, 2009
11 27
It is a common mis-belief that Atheists are people who simply deny all religions. This is wrong. True Atheists are people who simply do not believe that there is a point in life. Religious people who bash on Atheists are not religious, for if they were, they would respect others decisions. True Atheists do accept religions and understand why people believe in them, and in their opinion, are simply metaphors for how to live life. Anybody who claims to be an Atheist because "God" hasn't given anything to them, are not Atheist. Atheists are good people, and they do live by Christianities rules. Atheists are not people who believe in Scientology, which is also a common mistake people make.
Idiot Christian: I feel pity for idiot Atheists who don't believe in God. I hope they all go to hell.
by Büchner June 27, 2010
8 25
People whom use their intelligence to realise that just because a (very average) man was nailed to a cross two thousand and nine years ago, does not mean that there is a "higher power" or "God" that controls every aspect of human life and the planet we live in.
common sense.

Atheists make up their own minds about religion and don't believe in a God just because their parents told them to when they were young.
by antonio! January 13, 2009
115 132
There are a few ways to be an athieest....

1: To be really annoying and make fun of people for their belife in god, or some other supernatural being. Therefore dicraseing all his/her athiest friends whom they are trying to impress.
2:To be a passive atheist, one who does not give a flying fuck about what everyone elce is beleving and just goes with what they think, and do not try to convince other to follow them.
3:To be poseur atheist, when you say you dont belive in god and yet you still go to church, youth group, ect. and while there ATTEMPT to act as if you dont care, but secrectly you do.
4:To be an on agian off agin atheist, this is an extemly annoying type of atheiest, this is a peson who will tell you they are an atheist as soon as they find out you are to try and impress you, then will later come and tell you that they have converted to christanity or some other religion. THEN will come and tell you, like three days later, then they are not back to being an atheist. (as if you care....)

the end.
1:Guy-"DUUUUDE YOU BELIVE IN GOD!!!!! WTF OMFG!!!! THATS SO STUPID, YOU KNOOOOW HE DOESNT FUCKING EXXXISSST!!!" pauses to take breath and turn to friends "Hey i sure told him didnt I guys?"
friends- "Yeah, whatever"

2: Guy- "Yeah im catholic, so what religion are you?"
Me-"Im an atheist."
Guy- "What?! You're going to hell, you know that right?!"
Me- "I dont really care..."

3:Some girl- "Yeah im like toatlly agenst relgion,its terible, and really dumb too, i hate those stupid idiots who belive in it...." *cries inside* "forgive me lord.."

4:Me- "Mhmm, im an atheist"
Girl- "Really....me too"
*three days later*
Girl- "Im sorry, dont get mad at me, im a catholic now."
me- "Its not like i care you know...."
*Two hours later...*
Girl- "OMIGOSH, religion is so stupid, i hate it (ect.)"
Me- "Will you make up your mind?!"
by xxshallowkisses December 31, 2005
71 88
Believes that gods, like fairies, don't exist.
Atheist: "All religions try to steal market-share from each other. Christianity stole pagan believers by celebrating Christmas on the same day as the festival for Mithras the sun god. So a bunch of simple-minded, self-righteous pillocks isn't going to stop me having fun at Christmas."
by English Boy December 13, 2004
426 443