People that judge every Christian based simply off the actions of people like Fred Phelps. To disprove religion, they often say such witty/original things like, "You believe in God? There's about as much proof for him as the Flying Spaghetti Monster." By the way, I was being sarcastic when saying that that was original. It was obviously stolen from The God Delusion by Richard Dawkins.
Steve: I'm an Atheist. Therefore, I'm much more intelligent than any Christian.

Doug: I don't know. There are some pretty smart Christians.

Steve: No there aren't. Fuck off.
by BillCosby4321 June 21, 2010
Someone who refuses to bow to the alleged power of any alleged supernatural entity, however great that power is alleged to be. One of a group of people far wiser and more common than they are usually given credit for. Someone who thinks in terms of reason rather than fear. In particular, someone who refuses to let their perfectly natural fear of death overwhelm their reason. Someone who accepts that even if there were a god worth worshipping, which cannot be proved, the divinity would be worth worshipping precisely because it supports or represents such things as justice, truth, love and compassion, which are universal human ideals and are not, contrary to the propaganda, derived from any religion. Someone who accepts that, as guides to the good life, such ideals therefore come before all else. A humanist. Atheists are often accused, by religionists who have found support in postmodernist relativism, that atheism is a religion like any other. If anorexia could be considered a favourite food, these postmodernist types might have a point ... but I'm doubting it.
Someone once said there are no atheists in foxholes. Firstly, oh yes there are: and secondly, even if it were true, that would be more an argument against foxholes than against atheism.
by Fearman August 30, 2007
A sociological triumph and exposure of truth in which is publicized in modern era.
No longer will the outspoken atheist be called a witch in public view.
by Pro Janitor October 16, 2006
A Progressive form of the collective understanding and acceptance of scientific milestones over blind faith and willful ignorance.
Atheist: Why do you pray? Hasn't God put his divine plan into practice already?

Tool: But, but, uh-

Atheist: UH!
by Pro Janitor October 16, 2006
One without a religion, particularly Christianity. Generally, they have read and understood enough of the Bible and general preaching to make their own opinion. They can manage to see the big picture, rather than be "brainwashed" into a 2000 year old cult, which is only accepted because it is hammered into the brains of us while we are gullible children.
The Church used to say the World was flat and the Sun rotated around the Earth.

Also, according to the Bible, the world is only 4000 years old, all evidence found that has been pre-dated is a trick by the Devil... yeah, sure.
by Atheist "scum" May 13, 2003
Somebody who doesn't believe in God or a deity of sorts and needs to make sure everybody is aware of this
Regular folk: "Hi, I'm Dave"

Atheist: "Hi, I'm an atheist"

Regular: "Oh, cool, so what's your name?"

Atheist: "My name is Ethan, because it sounds similar to atheist, because I am an atheist"

Regular: "What the fuck is wrong with you?"

Atheist: "What's wrong with me?! You're the idiot who believes in a God!"

*Regular folk beats up atheist and then feels guilt*

Atheist: "It's ok, you won't go to Hell, because it doesn't exist, I don't believe it exists because I am an atheist"

Regular: -_-
by Theatheistdefiner January 04, 2012
One who pretends they are not religious just to fit in with the hipsters at school. Usually brags about being an Atheist.
Sadie: OMG so like we were talking about religion in World History and people said that like God is REAL!!! Ugh they're so mainstream! God obviously doesn't exist like those people are like so mainstream and stupid. I'm different because I'm an Atheist.
by z0mbiesandramen December 27, 2011
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