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Person who does not feel they need a spiritual handrail; person more inclined to believe the findings of science than the writings of religion.
I may be an atheist, but I still know that medieval scientists (who were members of the church) never did believe the earth was flat. This myth was created by Irving Welsh in order to add drama to his "biography" of Christopher Columbus.
by anonymous April 05, 2004
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A person who doesn't believe in a deity.

Oh, and also generally a rude, arrogant, bitter asshole who constantly belittles those of faith, probably because a Christian beat him up in 1st grade and took his lunch money. Yeah I know not all atheists are like this, just 99%. According to atheists, simply because they believe something makes it fact, and anyone who disagrees with them is a worthless imbecile.

Most of them spend an inordinate amount of time on the internet railing against something they supposedly deny exists, and subsequently cry and whine about people not tolerating their beliefs and "forcing" them on them, which hardly ever happens. Most atheists wouldn't have the balls to talk half the shit they do online in real life...that is, assuming they could leave their mom's basement.

Furthermore, they blame every problem of the world on religion. Columbine was caused by religion, polio was caused by religion, the Cubs losing is caused by religion, stubbing their toe is caused by religion, so on and so forth.

Also, though they constantly claim that all theists are retarded, delusional, ignorant, stupid, etc., they seem to spend all of their time hating on Christianity.

It's an eternal mystery how atheists can't figure out why nobody likes them when they are perpetual assholes to everyone else.
Picture a $100 bill in the middle of an intersection. One side has an open-minded, tolerant, non-hateful atheist. Another has an angry, rude, elitist prick atheist. Then there's Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny. Who gets to the $100 bill first?

Answer: The angry, rude, elitist prick atheist. Why? Because the other ones DON'T FUCKING EXIST!
by Debunkerino August 13, 2012
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someone who does good things because they are good, as opposed to Theists, who do good things solely in order to earn brownie points with some sort of God in order to get into heaven
Theist - "Here's £5 for cancer research, but don't spend it on Stem Cell research. I'm going straight to heaven now."

Atheist - "Here's £5 for cancer research, spend it on whatever works. I'm going straight to Subway now."
by Libreg September 18, 2010
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A person who simply does not believe in any higher power. Some people say we worship the devil, but this is not possible, because we do not believe in the devil. Some say it is an excuse to do wrong things or not to do good things. This is also a false statement. Some say that atheist hat Christians, actually, seeing the previous definitions, it's the Christians doing most of the hating. Some people say that it's just a bunch of kids going around trying to be cool. I don't think me being atheist makes me any cooler, seeing as I don't prance around school yelling "I'm atheist!" I'm pretty sure no one else does that either... We do not hate all religions, actually, my best friend is actually very religious. She is Part of Jehovah's Witness, which by the way is not a cult and no one should be judged in any way by their religion, non-religion, or beliefs unless of course they push it on other people. Then they aren't very nice people.
Atheist: I'd like to donate this to the charity fund
Not very nice person walking out of church: Why didn't you go to church?
Atheist: I'm atheist.
Not very nice person: Whore! (or also possibly: slut, satanist, or anything else that really makes no sense for someone to say about someone who doesn't believe in higher powers because it is completely non related)
For my bestest friend in the world:
JW:I would like volunteer at this animal shelter
NVNP: Hey! What church do you go to?
JW: The Jehovah's witness one
NVNP: you're part of a cult!!!!!!!!!!!
by californiachickfromspace July 06, 2010
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To the post above me, Definition 147.

We are not Antichrists, and we are not satanists. Atheists don't believe in any higher power, and that includes not believing Satan. We don't worship things we don't believe. Calm down dude. o_o

I would also like to point out your Hypocrisy.

You are the one who is complaining and whining, and essentially being the hateful one here. Look at what you wrote. Look at how hateful your words are towards us. Isn't Christianity supposed to NOT be so hateful? o_O

And there are so many Atheist vs. Christian debates and arguments, and not against Islam or Hinduism, because they aren't the ones who attack our views. You guys did.

My friend, you have the wrong impression on most Atheists. I am an Atheist myself. It is my choice to not believe in the existence of God. Like, half of my friends, my good friends that I like hanging out with are religious. But I don't mind that. Also, all of the Atheists that I do know are nothing like how you think they are.

Seriously, look back on what YOU wrote, and see how you are the one who is being hateful and prejudice towards us, and is the one who is complaining.
I am an Atheist. It is my choice to not believe in the existence of God and other entities. Why all the hate?
by Just a passive Atheist June 25, 2009
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Two definitions are for Atheist:
1. A Death metal band formed and from Florida.
2. A person, who rejects the necessity for omnipotent beings (gods, I assume).
1."Atheist made they're first great performance in 1989".

2.A:"Once I met an atheist, who isn't going to put up with god ruling our lives"

B:"Meh, theism is theism. This side believes in god(s) and the other side doesn't".
by Möszick February 19, 2013
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a person who needs to actually read the most amazing book, the bible. And until then just needs to shut up.
Atheist: God says that he made the world in 17 minutes

Smart person: Have you even read the bible.

Atheist: Well umm...I read the front title...

Smart person: Until you read it shut up
by aitbcitw November 21, 2011
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