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A person who doesn't believe in a deity.

Oh, and also generally a rude, arrogant, bitter asshole who constantly belittles those of faith, probably because a Christian beat him up in 1st grade and took his lunch money. Yeah I know not all atheists are like this, just 99%. According to atheists, simply because they believe something makes it fact, and anyone who disagrees with them is a worthless imbecile.

Most of them spend an inordinate amount of time on the internet railing against something they supposedly deny exists, and subsequently cry and whine about people not tolerating their beliefs and "forcing" them on them, which hardly ever happens. Most atheists wouldn't have the balls to talk half the shit they do online in real life...that is, assuming they could leave their mom's basement.

Furthermore, they blame every problem of the world on religion. Columbine was caused by religion, polio was caused by religion, the Cubs losing is caused by religion, stubbing their toe is caused by religion, so on and so forth.

Also, though they constantly claim that all theists are retarded, delusional, ignorant, stupid, etc., they seem to spend all of their time hating on Christianity.

It's an eternal mystery how atheists can't figure out why nobody likes them when they are perpetual assholes to everyone else.
Picture a $100 bill in the middle of an intersection. One side has an open-minded, tolerant, non-hateful atheist. Another has an angry, rude, elitist prick atheist. Then there's Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny. Who gets to the $100 bill first?

Answer: The angry, rude, elitist prick atheist. Why? Because the other ones DON'T FUCKING EXIST!
by bigjoe34 August 13, 2012
18 26
Someone who has a lack of belief in God/gods. One who has looked at all the evidence and believes the bible to not be a reliable source of evidence for how the universe was created and disagrees with its morals. They understand that the Bible endorses slavery, encourages intolerance, and produces an irrational fear of "hell", a scary fiery place where all those who do not believe will be tortured forever. An atheist believes in his/her own morals and understands that this is their only life and it should not be wasted. They do what they can to make the world a better place to live by referring others to the reliable sources of science and reason. They understand that no one in over 2000 years has proven that there is a god or miracles. They have no loyalty to evolution because Atheists understand that the two are not intertwined. They accept challenges from religious people to read the bible and research the "facts" in it. Finally, they understand that two hands working accomplish much more than 1000 clasped in prayer.
Christian: "I had a headache and I prayed to God and it went away. Explain that!!"
Atheist: "Did you do anything else about it?"
Christian: "Oh yeah, I took that stupid "Aspirin" stuff that scientists have proved to work well to remove headac----whoops."
Atheist: "There you go."
by TruthisMyReligion August 20, 2010
17 25
When they die, they become the ground... then in that ground grows a tree, which is then cut down by a big sweaty man named bubba, and then they are printed into bibles.

They also believe that if you're Christian (or a member of any other religion), you are always depressed and think that you keep a list of things you can't do on your fridge, they hate Church, don't know that you can sleep in on a Sunday, and are all homophobics. TheAmazingAtheist is their Jesus.
Person One: *Sneezes*
Atheist: When you die nothing happens!
by Commander FLuffee June 25, 2010
35 43
Someone who refuses to bow to the alleged power of any alleged supernatural entity, however great that power is alleged to be. One of a group of people far wiser and more common than they are usually given credit for. Someone who thinks in terms of reason rather than fear. In particular, someone who refuses to let their perfectly natural fear of death overwhelm their reason. Someone who accepts that even if there were a god worth worshipping, which cannot be proved, the divinity would be worth worshipping precisely because it supports or represents such things as justice, truth, love and compassion, which are universal human ideals and are not, contrary to the propaganda, derived from any religion. Someone who accepts that, as guides to the good life, such ideals therefore come before all else. A humanist. Atheists are often accused, by religionists who have found support in postmodernist relativism, that atheism is a religion like any other. If anorexia could be considered a favourite food, these postmodernist types might have a point ... but I'm doubting it.
Someone once said there are no atheists in foxholes. Firstly, oh yes there are: and secondly, even if it were true, that would be more an argument against foxholes than against atheism.
by Fearman August 30, 2007
72 80
A Progressive form of the collective understanding and acceptance of scientific milestones over blind faith and willful ignorance.
Atheist: Why do you pray? Hasn't God put his divine plan into practice already?

Tool: But, but, uh-

Atheist: UH!
by Pro Janitor October 16, 2006
72 80
I believe an atheist is a person who does not believe in God or any gods what so ever. I myself am an atheist so I know the term pretty well. I think some Christians get it mixed up that atheists are satanists or evil forms worshipping the devil. They believe that it's horrible and we're against them. Let me clear this up. An atheist isn't against the Christian church. We simply just DON'T AGREE. I don't mean to attack the church in anyway. But what I find funny is that Christians like to "attack" me. Many find it hard to believe I'm a non-believer so they insult me. And oh yeah, you can't be an atheist AND a Christain. There is no go between. Let me tell this to the weak: IF YOU WANT TO BE AN ATHEIST YOU MUST BE READY TO COMMITT. YOU CAN'T LIKE BOTH AND YOU NEED BE SURE OF WHAT YOU'RE DOING. TO BE AN ATHEIST ACTUALLY TAKES A LOT OF DEVOTION AND PERSERVERANCE. (many people will be against you)
I myself am an atheist and most of my friends give me a hard time. "OH MY GOSH, EMMA! THAT'S SO HORRIBLE! I MUST BRING YOU TO CHURCH TO CHANGE YOUR VIEWS!" It's hard being an atheist, I'll tell you that. But I passionately agree with what I stand for so I won't back down. The ironic thing is I don't find problems with jews, only christians....
by Emma - the atheist chick February 27, 2006
53 61
Person who does not feel they need a spiritual handrail; person more inclined to believe the findings of science than the writings of religion.
I may be an atheist, but I still know that medieval scientists (who were members of the church) never did believe the earth was flat. This myth was created by Irving Welsh in order to add drama to his "biography" of Christopher Columbus.
by anonymous April 05, 2004
84 92