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Someone that believes that there is no god. Some are more tolerant than others some are more fanatical than others, just like in every other group in the world.

PS: To the Christians, we tend to comment on you the most because you tend to attack the most. I have yet to run into a Buddhist monk ranting about how I'm going to suffer for all eternity for not being Buddhist.
Someone less tolerant of others: Haha. You're religious?! Stupid f*cking loser.

Someone more tolerant of others: Oh, I see. You're religious. I'm atheist.
by Atchan September 18, 2005
a person who does not believe in a supreme being or beings. known to include some of the sexiest people alive.
opposite of theist.
ignoramus: you're an atheist?!?! you have no morals. you're a communist. you're a satanist. and by the way, you're going to fucking hell.
atheist: dumbshit. *rolls eyes and strolls away*
by stephh<33 February 01, 2009
A person who does not believe in the existence of any supernatural god(s) or goddess(es).
In the face of zero objective evidence for the existence of any supernatural entity (indeed, it is impossible to objectively prove the existence of any supernatural entity, hence the term "faith"), an atheist is one who rationally concludes that until/unless objective evidence of such a supernatural entity (at which point it would be arguable that such an entity would no longer be considered supernatural) appears, the only logical stance to take is to not assume that any such entities exist.
by Strife767 February 25, 2007
1) a person who does not believe in the existence of god(s)

2)high school student that believes the lack off faith in a deity grants them the right to behave like a complete asshole that gets easily offended if someone of authority says something like "God help us."
1) atheist: *sneeze*

man: God bless you

atheist: I'm an atheist, i don't believe in God

man: Then, gesundheit

2) Teacher: Only God himself can help this class's grades

atheist: Don't say God, some people might not believe in God

Teacher: If you want people to respect your beliefs you have to respect theirs, and I believe in God so please do not insult my faith and I won't insult yours... or lack there of.
by kayanker November 01, 2010
someone who lacks belief in god. some say that science has proven that god does not exist (which is sort of bullshit) and go out of their way to prove it, while others live in tolerance with religious people.
atheist 1: science has PROVEN that god does not exist
christian: really? how?
atheist 1: due to the theory of evolution, i know he isn't there.
christian: well, evolution has more holes in it than a dutch dam made of swiss cheese. and even if evolution is plausible, it still does not mean that there is no divine being.
atheist 1: uh...well...it's on the backs of crystals!!!!
atheist 2: bro...just shut up you intolerant fuck

god does not believe in atheists
by rainbows and unicorns December 17, 2009
I'm confused as to why people get so agressive about this sort of thing. One of the reasons I'm atheist is so that I am free from living my life as a slave to "faiths" that are blind and force-fed to millions.

So, for the religious: stop condemning everyone that disagrees with you. I think it's selfish for many born-into-religion people to automatically assume that out of the thousands of faiths they could have possibly just ASSUME that they have the "right" one.

For the atheists: Don't put out another stereotype for the rest of us to deal with.

Someone else, feel free to convince me why on earth I would ever need faith, except as a security blanket that supplements the lack of personal and mental strength I have as a human being?
You say it's weakness to be atheist, not to be able to "understand" complex concepts about the creation of the universe.

I say, I'm not going to spend my life searching for the meaning of life and instead will go live it, hopefully finding happiness and doing something good for the world.
by Just stop whining.. April 11, 2006
A person who does not believe that a "god" or supreme being exists. And, although often forgotten, this does include not beliving Satan, also. So, no, we're not Gothic; we just don't have a preference. Some Atheist people may sound arrogant to you, but it is just that they are having trouble understanding why you belive in god, and you are having trouble understanding they don't. They usually don't make a big deal of it, unless you offend them just because you belive otherwise. This is not to be confused with being agnostic, which is a person who is not sure whether a supreme being exists or not.
---anonymous(coming from someone who is Atheist--not some person who is offended by them w/ their dumb definition...)
2=person w/ religion

1: hey, what's up?

2: nothing, hey, want to start coming to church with me

1:nah, i'm not one of the church type...

2: why not??

1: b/c i'm atheist

2:omg, ur atheist?? i have to take you to church and have you saved and sprinkle holy water all over you!!

1: ouch!! let go of me!
by anonymous411 March 31, 2006