a person who hold ridiculous beliefs up to ridicule.
Christopher Hitchens is a notorious atheist.
by rocketman77049 December 03, 2009
a person who does not believe in a supreme being or beings. known to include some of the sexiest people alive.
opposite of theist.
ignoramus: you're an atheist?!?! you have no morals. you're a communist. you're a satanist. and by the way, you're going to fucking hell.
atheist: dumbshit. *rolls eyes and strolls away*
by stephh<33 February 01, 2009
One who does not have imaginary friends.
My friend just spent an hour and a half trying to communicate with his imaginary friend whom he thinks can somehow help him get laid. Poor bastard. Should be an atheist.
by Mike the Ekim October 09, 2008
One who does not hold a belief in a higher power of any kind. One who chooses to control their own destiny and not rely on a mythical figure to do it for them. Contrary to belief, Atheists are not Satan worshipping heathens, as one would have to have a belief in God in order to believe that Satan exists.
Jane does not pray, go to church, or celebrate Christmas. She is an atheist and feels that participating in the affore mentioned activities would make her a hypocrite.
by aftershock7136 November 21, 2007
A person who does not believe in the existence of any supernatural god(s) or goddess(es).
In the face of zero objective evidence for the existence of any supernatural entity (indeed, it is impossible to objectively prove the existence of any supernatural entity, hence the term "faith"), an atheist is one who rationally concludes that until/unless objective evidence of such a supernatural entity (at which point it would be arguable that such an entity would no longer be considered supernatural) appears, the only logical stance to take is to not assume that any such entities exist.
by Strife767 February 25, 2007
1) a person who does not believe in the existence of god(s)

2)high school student that believes the lack off faith in a deity grants them the right to behave like a complete asshole that gets easily offended if someone of authority says something like "God help us."
1) atheist: *sneeze*

man: God bless you

atheist: I'm an atheist, i don't believe in God

man: Then, gesundheit

2) Teacher: Only God himself can help this class's grades

atheist: Don't say God, some people might not believe in God

Teacher: If you want people to respect your beliefs you have to respect theirs, and I believe in God so please do not insult my faith and I won't insult yours... or lack there of.
by kayanker November 01, 2010
someone who does good things because they are good, as opposed to Theists, who do good things solely in order to earn brownie points with some sort of God in order to get into heaven
Theist - "Here's £5 for cancer research, but don't spend it on Stem Cell research. I'm going straight to heaven now."

Atheist - "Here's £5 for cancer research, spend it on whatever works. I'm going straight to Subway now."
by Libreg September 18, 2010

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